Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda says 10 traditional leaders have defected from the UPND to the ruling party in Chavuma District of Northwestern Province.

Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila says the UPND should start preparing for another humiliating defeat in 2021.

In a statement today, Chanda revealed that the 10 headmen were among 320 defectors today.

“The PF Chief Executive Officer said this when he received over 320 defectors from the opposition UPND in Chavuma District of North Western Province among them ten Head men. Mr Mwila said the ruling party will not abandon its developmental agenda including in areas where the ruling party received low votes,” Chanda stated.

“He also said the PF was still popular because of its developmental agenda of transforming the nation. He further said the Party was the only democratic political organization as evidenced by the space it accords its membership to express views and opinions. He said as witnessed by Chavuma residents being connected to national grid as well as upgrading some schools into secondary schools.”

Speaking at the same event, North Western Province Chairman Jackson Kungo assured Mwila that party structures in the province were behind him because he had done so much in terms of uniting and mobilizing the party.

“Mr Kungo said it was because of the current Party leadership under His Excellency President Edgar Lungu that the party was able to win off members from the UPND. And UPND Chavuma District Chairman Nelson Kainga, who led the defectors, said he had been in the UPND for over 15 years and he has seen that the UPND lacks vision and that was why they have decided to join the ruling PF,” stated Chanda.