UPND Lusaka Province chairman Obvious Mwaliteta has observed that cadres who have been given government jobs are frustrating professional civil servants with their bootlicking.

In a statement, the newly appointed UPND official who spent a year in remand prison on aggravated robbery charges said what was happening in the country was heartbreaking.

“Today I was thinking about the happenings in my country I went round Lusaka rural. Every one is crying; there are no farming inputs and people are asking me ‘why?’. So I answered them that Maybe your documents to acquire farming inputs have probably been eaten by ba koswe (rats),” stated Mwaliteta.

“You know what comrades, this country has been invaded by corrupt, selfish cruel leaders hence these problems. I looked at civil servants, all the experienced civil servants have been replaced by cadres. They are frustrating them. The ministers are now bootlickers who are there to serve their master, the all mighty President not to serve Zambian people. Now the choice is yours to say no to corrupt visionless leaders or to let it be business as usual.”