Copperbelt Province youth chairman Nathan Chanda has asked the Zambia Police Service to thoroughly investigate the matter in which three Chinese nationals shot six Lufwanyama residents suspected to have been thieves.

In a statement yesterday, Chanda, who is also Luanshya Mayor, condemned the conduct of the Chinese investors at Ebenezer Gem-field mine for shooting the six named residents and asked the police to work with the Ministry of Mines in investigating the matter.

Chanda stated that investors must respect Zambians who were the owners of the minerals they were following.

“As PF on the Copperbelt, we respect and appreciate any investment, but it should not be at the expense of our local people. What happened in Lufwanyama is very regrettable. Shooting of the people which is aimed at killing should never be thought off. We want to state that as PF youths on the Copperbelt, we stand with our people. Our Chinese friends should never resort to taking the law in their own hands. What we want is to see a situation where dialogue is promoted so that we have a win win situation,” Chanda stated.

“We also want the Chinese investors to engage the State security, that is the Zambia police in safeguarding their property. We want them to use the spirit of give and take; therefore, the state security, the ministry of mines and the local leadership must engage our people. The conduct of the Chinese to be shooting our people over our minerals will not be accepted. This is our God given resource and these people must respect the owners of the land.”

And Chanda urged Copperbelt youths to form community groups in order to get collective benefits from the mines in an orderly manner.

“Further, we want our youths to form cooperatives that will be engaged to derive benefits from the mining sector(dump site) through a normal channel. We further appeal to the ministry of Mines and the Zambia Police to thoroughly investigate this matter to its conclusion,” stated Chanda.