Government, through the Ministry of Health, has banned all large public gatherings like overnight prayer meetings, weddings and musical concerts in a bid to contain the spread of cholera.

In a statement today, Ministry of Health Head of Communications and External Relations Stanslous Ngosa stated that banning of large gatherings of more than five people was one of the measures that had been undertaken since the defence forces joined the fight against cholera.

“Below are some of the decisions that have been made to address the problem: 1. All markets (legal and illegal) in Lusaka shall remain closed to facilitate extensive cleanup until certified clean and conducive for trading. 2. Street vending is banned in Lusaka district until further notice to allow for cleaning, garbage collection and unblocking of drainages. 3. No large public gatherings of more than five people (not being family) including church programs, weddings, music concerts, funerals, bars or such occasions shall take place in Lusaka unless cleared by the Ministry of Health of the Lusaka City Council,” stated Ngosa.

He asked members of the public to participate in the cleaning exercise.

Since cholera broke out in October, Lusaka has recorded almost 2,000 cases with 42 deaths.