Following the deepening squabbles in the Patriotic Front, rebel MP Chishimba Kambwili has opened the door to his newly formed National Democratic Congress Party, offering refuge to frustrated ruling party members.

And Kambwili has announced that the NDC manifesto, which will be premised on humanity, will be ready this month end.

In a statement shared on Facebook, Kambwili, who is former Information and Broadcasting Minister, said PF members should not fear weak little men like Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, but join the NDC which he said was the real deal party.

He further claimed that 15 members of the PF Central Committee had recently visited him and offered him solidarity.

“To these exemplary PF youths who I worked closely with during my time as national youth chairperson. I stand with you, the country stands with you and the NDC stands with you. Do not relent and do not fear weak little men like [Stephen] Kampyongo who think being Home Affairs Minister gives them the right to threaten concerned citizens. The PF government is in total confusion and they do not know what to do, their ministers are in hiding they cannot show face or even attempt to defend the thieving tragedy. My friends in the PF do not panic you still have me on your side, the NDC should be your refuge because it is the real deal party that will be your new home in the coming future,” stated Kambwili.

“To the real PF who are infuriated with the current president, do not worry I am here for you. Thank you to the 15 members of the PF Central Committee that came to see me this morning and pledged their support I am glad we are still together and together we will fight for our country. 2017 will go down in the history of our country as the most corrupt year where the Head of State is the flag bearer for thieves.”

And Kambwili announced that the NDC manifesto would soon be ready.

According to a statement issued by the NDC media team yesterday, Kambwili said a high level panel comprising of renowned academicians and technocrats had started drafting the manifesto.

Kambwili said the manifesto would be premised on humanity.

“The NDC manifesto will be premised or founded on UBUNTU or humanity. The focus of this manifesto is Ubuntu because NDC wants to bring social change and progress to the people of Zambia. Surely, how can we be happy as citizens when the majority of our brothers and sister’s are going to bed on an empty stomach. Why should we be proud when our people are lack access to basic health care facilities and can’t afford to take their children to school. NDC is determined to uplifting the living standards of its people. That is why NDC is saying Ubuntu because NDC wants to bring social and economic justice to its people. We are all equal before God. Why should we be happy as a country when our resources are being looted by selfish individuals. You see, every where I am going as NDC consultant, people across the country are asking questions on when this blue print will be tailored and finalized. I am happy to state that the NDC leadership has spoken with this high level team of technocrats where the NDC vision has been presented and explained,” said Kambwili.

“The NDC manifesto will be a fine document. It will explain how NDC will create jobs in various sectors of the economy such as agriculture and mining for instance. NDC will create agriculture zone’s in all districts and regions of Zambia. NDC will ensure that the farmer is respected and motivated. We as a country have to concentrate our efforts towards this sector. Currently, Zambia has no proper agriculture policy. We can’t have a situation were farmers have no access to inputs. We can’t have a scenario where the floor price for agro commodities is a complete mockery.”