Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Ronald Chitotela has threatened to sue youth activist Gregory Chifire for accusing him of fraudulently acquiring a personal car from RDA resources.

On Saturday, Chifire posted a picture of a car Reg number BAF 4719 which he alleged was one of the two vehicles which were bought for Chitotela against proper procedure.

He also stated that two RDA directors were fired for questioning the purchase.

“The vehicle in picture is one of the two vehicles alleged to have led to the dismissal of two Directors at the RDA namely Loyce Saili, Director Communications and a Mrs Ngoma, Director, Legal for questioning the purchase of the two motor vehicles for the Minister of Infrastructure Mr Ronald Kaoma Chitotela and the Permanent Secretary, Mr Charles Mushota in their individual capacities, registered in the beneficiaries’ names, using government money. The dual in a board meeting vehemently refused to be part of such corrupt acts. This did not go well with their bosses,” Chifire stated.

He claimed Chitotela was making efforts to change the car ownership.

“After the matter raised a lot of dust at RDA, it is alleged that the Minister removed the number plate for “his” vehicle and there are attempts by the dual to change the ownership of the said vehicles to RDA. The President has time and again asked the citizens to bring forward evidence of corruption, maybe this may form part of the list on his desk. Mulusa was fired for criticising corruption, Kalaba resigned alleging corruption. We shall wait and see what decision our humble President shall take on this matter May the individuals mentioned in this matter explain themselves because allegations like this are serious. Those that would care to check at RTSA, one of the vehicles’ number plate is clear to read as attached here,” stated Chifire.

Two hours later, Chitotela posted a 24-hour ultimatum on his Facebook page, asking Chifire to apologise or face litigation.

It has come to my attention that Mr Gregory Chifire has issued a statement on his Facebook page purporting that RDA bought me a vehicle in my individual capacity and other damaging allegations against me. This is very unfounded, lacks merit and truth and is damaging to me as a person as well as [a] senior government official.
In view of the above, [I] am giving Mr Chifire 24 hours to retract his statement, pull his post down and apologise to me, failure to this, [I] am instructing my lawyers to proceed with legal action against him,” read the ultimatum.

However, Chitotela’s posting was brought down a few hours later.

When asked why he deleted his post, Chitotela said he had advised his Facebook page managers to avoid responding to social media allegations.

“I don’t respond to social media, I even advised my page managers to avoid that. We have more important things to attend to. Imagine if I start responding to social media, I will be detracted, I will lose focus in terms of implementing government programs so I have no comment,” said Chitotela.