Development can not be done through politicking or through rhetoric but through tangible work on the ground says Luapula Province Minister Nickson Chilangwa.

And the minister says he is driven to push for development in his province because Luapula is one of the least developed.

Chilangwa is one of the revered ministers in the Patriotic Front following his efforts to actualise the economic potential of the province through regional trade expos and other initiatives, and he told News Diggers! that politicking alone does not bring about development.

“What drives me to push for development under the provincial administration is the history of the province or the status of the province. The status of the province is that we are among the least developed and the living standards of our people is the lowest,” Chilangwa explained.

“Because of that, we have to think beyond the normal way of doing things. We have to concentrate and focus on what can bring development and change the living standards of our people. We have to realise that for us to get to the next level of development; for us to go from where we are right now, we have to change our mindset and put in the very best in our work.”

He said people don’t find satisfaction in hearing rhetoric from their leaders, but they support action oriented plans.

“So as the starting point, we had to identify and establish what we needed and what we could do to get to that next level of development. And once we identified that then we agreed as a provincial administration on the strategic plan and we went down to work. That’s how we are getting to where we want to be. And all that can only be possible with increased development in the province,” said Chilangwa.

“It will not be achieved through politicking and through rhetoric but it will be done through tangible work on the ground. That is why we went out into the markets to see how we could promote the products that our traders have and to market these products to the rest of the region and outside Zambia. So we advise others who feel Luapula is on the right track to get on top with what they have and what they can do. You can always get help and support from the people and other partners to go to the next level of development.”

Under Chilangwa, Luapula Province organised a prestigious 5-day Luapula Expo event from July 26 to 31, 2017 under the theme “Linking Investors to Luapula Province to unlock the Economic Potential”.

The Expo included site tours of identified tourist sites such as the Samfya Holiday Beach, Lumangwe Waterfalls, Kawambwa tea Plantation, Musonda Water Falls Hydro Power Station, Mambilima Water Falls, Kalungwishi River, Ntumbachushi Water Falls and many other sites

Some agriculture products and technologies as well as arts were also exhibited at the event which coincided with the Umutomboko traditional ceremony.