National Democratic Congress political consultant Chishimba Kambwili says FDD leader Edith Nawakwi is a finished woman who has failed to grow her political party and is now begging for a job from the PF.

In an interview with News Diggers! January 3, 2017, Nawakwi alleged that Kambwili had failed to complete several road projects in Luanshya and had “taken over” a golf course, and has constituently described the National Democratic Congress leader as a corrupt.

“You know, this word [corruption], [Chishimba] Kambwili comes out and says this government is corrupt, and we were talking about the fact that Mr Kambwili, in Luanshya had road contracts which were not completed, you remember? Every Zambian has forgotten and some of us were being abused and waylaid in radio stations by Mr Kambwili himself. Now he has come out, he is a darling, the law must follow him because now he is pointing at those who have remained, ‘ine I am clean because I have gotten out’. That is not the way life is. We tried to draw the attention of people to say Mr Kambwili took over a golf course in Luanshya. Mr Kambwili had road contracts on the Copperbelt which were not concluded, he was there, he was minister. Could you walk into Copperbelt? You were almost being harassed for going to the Copperbelt,” said Nawakwi.

In her interviews on 5Fm on January 4, 2018 and on Radio Christian Voice, yesterday, the FDD leader repeated the allegations.

But Kambwili said he would not waste time responding to political nonentities like Nawakwi, but would instead instruct his lawyers to sue her so that she could prove her allegations.

“I have no time to respond to political nonentities. Nawakwi was a finished woman!” Kambwili rattled.

“She is a finished woman politically and otherwise. She is a finished. Some of us, the focus is on providing checks and balances to the people that are in office, we have no time to attack those in the opposition. The fact that she is doing that clearly shows that she is looking for a job. She should just join the PF.”

Kambwili charged that Nawakwi had killed the FDD, adding that the party spokesperson Antonio Mwanza was the only man of integrity.

“She has failed to grow the political party. They do not even have committees or district officials. Here on the Copperbelt they are non existent, in Lusaka they are non existent and that is why she was forced to reconcile with Chifumu Banda because she knows that in that party, the only people with integrity are Chifumu Banda and the young Antonio Mwanza,” he said.

“So, tell Nawakwi that she is a political nonentity. I have no time to waste with her. She is a finished politician, that is why she has nothing left to do but to start attacking fellow opposition parties.”

He explained that the plots in question near the golf course were purchased before he was in government.

“I will take her to court so that she can prove that I got contracts which I failed to finish. And as for those houses which she claims I built on a golf course, my house in Luanshya is near a golf course and There are 27 plots there which were given by the council in 2007 long before the PF came into office. I built the house in 2010 so what is she talking about?” asked Kambwili.

“I will go to Radio Christian Voice and ask for a recording so that I can instruct my lawyers to take her to court. I want her to tell me which contracts I got that I did not deliver.”