Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) centre coordinator Chenai Mukumba has clarified that her organisation is in support of President Edgar Lungu’s advice to Zambians that they should minimise nshima dependency, despite it being among the affordable sources of starch.

Mukumba explained that in order to eradicate hunger and malnutrition in the country, people needed to move away from nshima dependency to other affordable alternative foods.

Mukumba said the pronouncement by the President was in the best interest of the nation.

“In order for the country to move away from nshima dependency it is important for all stakeholders to come on board and support these efforts. We, alongside our partners, therefore commend the President for bringing this issue to light as it is in the best interest of our nation,” said Mukumba.

In our print edition of today’s News Diggers, we published a headline that is contrary to the argument that CUTS put across on the nshima dependency debate.

Many Zambians have taken to social media, to disagree with President Lungu’s call, saying only the rich could do away with nshima.