President Edgar Lungu on Friday night authorized the medical evacuation abroad of Roan PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili.

However, by press time, his family was yet to decide whether to move him to South Africa or let him continue with treatment in Zambia.

According to a statement issued by Zambia’s first secretary for press and public relations in South Africa Naomi Nyawali, Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba confirmed President Lungu’s decision.

“Mr Mwamba disclosed that arrangements have since been made to send an air-ambulance to evacuate Mr Kambwili and ensured that he received specialist medical treatment in South Africa. He said that arrangements such as authority from Ministry of Health has been granted in the night and the medical team in South Africa was waiting for a medical report, and a copy of Mr Chishimba Kambwili’s passports to activate the emergence evacuation. Mr. Mwamba stated that life was sacred and that President Edgar Lungu had acted swiftly to ensure that a life was saved and that Mr Kambwili who had suddenly fallen ill received the best treatment,” stated Nyawali.

“He also thanked Minister of Health, Dr Chitalu Chilufya and his team that worked deep in the night with their counterparts from South Africa to ensure that the evacuation of Mr Kambwili was done. He urged the family of Mr Kambwili to immediately cooperate and receive this gesture from President Lungu as a measure to save a life above all considerations. As at press time, arrangements were advanced to ensure that Mr Kambwili was in South Africa by the end of the day.”

But Kambwili’s family is yet to decide whether or not to evacuate him.