Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila ays every member of the ruling party is expected to make financial sacrifices towards its smooth running.

And Mwila has urged women and youths to become actively involved in politics saying they are the ones who can strengthen the party.

Meanwhile, Mwila has reiterated that the ruling party is merely mobilizing and not campaigning.

Speaking at a Luapula Province PF fundraising dinner, Saturday, Mwila said every member of the PF was expected to raise resources for the party.

“His Excellency the president and the secretariat will do everything to ensure that we mobilize resources to empower our structures with the necessary equipment. This is the reason why we are giving out bicycles, motorbikes and vehicles to our structures to ensure that we help ease the problem of transport. However, I want to emphasize that the responsibility to raise resources for party mobilization squarely rests on all of us as party members. As such we expect all of you to come up with fundraising activities to raise money for the party. We should not depend squarely on the secretariat or indeed the president to all the time give us resources for mobilization. Instead, we should design a clear fund raising strategy and come up with initiatives to ensure that we raise the necessary funds for mobilization,” Mwila said.

“As your Secretary General, I am proud of you for this initiative and I call upon all other members countrywide to emulate you and take a leaf from what you have done here tonight.”

And speaking when he addressed party structures from different constituencies in Luapula when he kicked off mobilization activities in the province earlier, Mwila said it was important for women to participate in mobilization activities.

“I want to emphasize this point that any political party which has women and youths that are inactive does not go anywhere. So we need to strengthen these two wings,” Mwila said.

“Not Chairlady ulolelafye meeting Yaba Chairman [instead of having a chairlady having to tag along when the chairmen have meetings], you should also start organising your own meetings. When you mobilise the youth and the women, you will find the party begins to grow.”

And Mwila said the PF was not campaigning but mobilizing.

“I’ve heard that the opposition have started crying that we have started campaigns. What we are merely doing is mobilising our party and this involves going round all the provinces countrywide,” said Mwila adding, “Nabena nga balefwaya kuti baya. Tapali ubaleseshe. Naba Kwata amolu. (Even them if they want to go and mobilize, they can go, no one has stopped them. They have got legs),” said Mwila.