Exiled singer and satirist Chama Fumba, A.K.A Pilato says he has committed no offence for which the International Police could be chasing him, but he is merely a victim of untamed stupidity.

State media reported, Tuesday, that government had engaged Interpol and the intelligence wing of the Immigration Department to help find the fugitive musician following a bench warrant issued against him.

He is accused of jumping bail in a case where he is charged with disobedience of lawful orders along with his co-accused, Laura Miti, Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) leader Sean Tembo and others.

Pilato went into self-imposed exile in the wake of threats on his life by PF cadres following the release of his controversial song “Koswe Mupoto”.

When asked why he was running from the law, the singer said he was going to return home and hand himself over to any police station if Interpol fails to arrest him where he is.

“I think I am just a victim of untamed stupidity. My own crime is not staying quiet in the face of corruption and robbery of state resources. I believe Interpol is made of reasonable human beings who would not waste their time and resources chasing after someone who is not running. I ran away from political cadres not from the law or from the police,” he said.

“I am ready and willing to surrender myself to any state agency and if am not arrested here I will travel back to Zambia and walk into the hands of our police. I am not scared of that.”

When reminded that PF cadres were after his blood because he referred to the President as a rat in the controversial song, Pilato said it was upto the President to reflect and change, adding that he was going to continue singing.

“It shouldn’t matter who I am talking about in the song, what should matter is the song reflecting any element of truth? If by any chance the song is talking about President Lungu then the best to do is reflect on the song and see how best he can avoid finding himself on the wrong side of art,” said Pilato.

“I am an artist. I can only live by expressing myself without any fear, intimidation or manipulation. I have lost business but I think it’s a necessary loss considering that I had to choose between my freedom to express myself and making money. I will continue doing music on social issues because to me this is very important to my country.”