The Office of the President has told Edgar Lungu that his members of parliament are not with him that is why they have resolved to block the impeachment motion through the courts, says Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili says President Lungu and his fellow criminals are now panicking because they have seen that the impeachment motion, which he initiated, is real.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says he will next week narrate how the state planned to assassinate him.

Some Zambians, who are being represented by Hobday Kabwe and Company, Lewis Mosho of Lewis Nathan Advocates and Kanja Mpundu of Palan and George Advocates, have challenged the Speaker’s decision to entertain the impeachment motion in the Lusaka High Court.

The Applicants, Robert Chabinga and Henry Mulenga argued that the Speaker’s decision to accept the motion was unreasonable, procedurally improper and illegal.

But in an interview, Tuesday, the Roan PF member of parliament, who is still recovering from police brutality, said the intelligence had briefed President Lungu that his MPs were not on his side, hence the panic.

“They are a lot of PF MPs supporting this motion, that’s why they are scared. These guys have got the OP on their side, they have got the intelligence, they have told them that some of your MPs are not with you. The best way you can do is to block it Why would they be scared if they didn’t know that some PF MPs were supporting it? People cannot be intimidated anymore,” Kambwili said.

“And by the way, the impeachment is a secret ballot. They know what it means that’s why they are scared. Icho tulefwayafye ifwe, kufunyapo bakabolala. baiba! balibelela ukwiba and we can’t just be watching bakabolala balefwala amarolex, impiya ishakwiba nensoni tabakwata! fikabolala ifi, fi pompwe! Fi nsibila nsala (What we want is to remove these thieves. They have stolen, they have gotten so used to stealing and we cannot continue to watch the thieves wearing Rolex watches without shame. These are thieves! Criminals).”

Kambwili said he knew the PF was up to something sinister when the Speaker failed to table the motion in the last sitting.

“Edgar Lungu and his friends created an impression that the impeachment was a waste of time and that they had the numbers, they didn’t care about it. The first thing that we saw was failing to bring the motion within the week of closing Parliament and immediately, I knew that they were up to no good. I personally knew that they were up to mischief because every Wednesday, there are Private Members Motions. So that motion, ordinarily should have come on Wednesday after filing it. But obviously, you know that there is no proper separation of powers in this country between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. There is interference by the executive. And when I saw that filing to halt the process in court, I knew that the thieves are now unsettled,” he said.

And Kambwili said President Lungu and his fellow thieves were panicking because they knew they were out of time.

“Some people know that once this government moves out, those favors which they get will no longer be there. The ordinary people on the streets must support this impeachment because it is the only way out to stop the unbecoming thieving of Edgar Lungu’s government. This government is nothing but a government of thieves, ba pompwe shimwibila nsala! And if they were not scared of the impeachment, why go and block it? What we want is the MPs to freely debate this motion, bring out the issues that Edgar Lungu and this government have against the people of Zambia. There is no way that you people are stealing from the poor people and then you continue getting the little that the people have. We hear over 60 people have been arrested for trading on the streets whilst them they are getting easy money out of corrupt deals and corrupt practices. But the people who genuinely want to survive on the streets, you go and arrest them and lock them in police cells. People who want to do genuine business in order to feed their families are being arrested for nothing and yet thieves continue walking the streets of Lusaka. People who we knew as paupers, simple journalists with no bank account, no savings before they went to State House, today they have got property that they cannot account for. I have been involved in business since 1993. You can imagine, Roanbread, one of my companies, was supplying maheu to the entire mining industry, somebody can ask me where I have gotten money to save in my account? And people who we knew as paupers, not even owning a bicycle, today they own Rolex watches which they show off in public, you leave them walking the streets of Lusaka?” he asked.

“Can Edgar Lungu tell me that he didn’t know the financial standing of Kaizer Zulu, the financial standing of Amos Chanda, before they became employees of State House? He doesn’t know the porsche cars they drive today, the buildings they own now? Can’t he ask himself as President, ‘where have these people gotten the money from?’ Then he goes to take me to court, to ask me where I have gotten the money that I have been saving for the future of my children? If Lungu doesn’t know how to save, he only knows to get money out of corruption, he must know that there are people who are serious about saving. To start arresting people who have worked hard is an insult to the people of Zambia…And by the way, let them not mislead the people that the impeachment process is about the UPND. You know that I started talking about the impeachment myself, why are they leaving me out? They always want to say that the UPND is bitter? I am the seconder in that motion. And on three press briefings, I called for the impeachment of Lungu so why are they misleading people that the UPND wants to get into State House using the back door? All we want to do is to cleanse the thieving and this propensity to abrogate the provisions of the constitution with impunity.”

Meanwhile, Kambwili said he would next week reveal how the state planned to assassinate him.

“But anyway, I have forgiven these people, I will leave them to God to deal with. I am going to issue a comprehensive statement next week when I feel better so that the people of Zambia can know what Lungu and his government wanted to do to me. I have been briefed, everything they wanted to do to me with the help of some Israelites who were working with the Office of the President. These people are damn scared because time is catching up with them. Why do they want to block the impeachment? The South Africans took the impeachment of Zuma, twice, nobody stopped. The only thing they were arguing about was the mode of voting, whether secret ballot or open ballot. But here they want to kill the motion before it can come on the floor. We know that these are thieves, nibakabolala aba! Nabanonka nabana babo abatweke amalaya nga ba fwala kwati ni orphan, today all their children are swimming in money, from nowhere! Look at how they treated me, they knew I was sick, like I said, I will issue a comprehensive statement. They went and checked my records at the hospital in South Africa and they planned to assassinate me, taking advantage of my health condition. Look at how they have treated Nevers Mumba on a misdemeanor, you jail someone and ask for K30,000 cash bail? And you think where we are going without removing this dictator [things will improve?] This person in State House, all he wants to do now is to protect his stay in State House so that he can continue stealing and avoid being brought to book. All those people who work with him at State House, their aim is to continue protecting him so that they can continue amassing wealth without any effort,” said Kambwili.

“My appeal to them, those lawyers and people who have gone to court, insoni ebuntu. You are protecting people that are stealing from the poor. Why block a motion that you have described as useless? No one throws a stone at a tree that has no fruit. People will only throw a stone to a tree that has fruit. They are scared of the impeachment because they know that they carry skeletons in their baskets, skeletons in their cupboards. They are only exposing themselves that they have thieves who are scared of being exposed through the motion.”