UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has charged that United Nations country representative Janet Rogan sat on the Conflict Structure Vulnerability report for the 2016 elections to protect the PF because she is a cadre.

Commenting on the report published by News Diggers! which the UN country office had kept hidden, HH said there was more that Rogan did to the voter data base prior to the elections which he would reveal in due course.

“I think nobody now is doubting what I said at the press briefing and why I said it. We had the facts, and not too long from the press briefing you News Diggers have accessed the report and published. The question now is that, why did Janet Rogan and judge [Esau] Chulu hide that report, especially with the contents it has which are very clear that the ECZ is being influenced by external forces. The report is saying so itself. Cadres were carrying weapons and guns, which we have been complaining about and that the Public Order Act was abused against the opposition especially the UPND. It’s the report saying that, the UN report,” HH said in an interview.

“Now, Janet went ahead after the elections to say that Lungu was a duly elected president and that it was a free and fair election, and that all parties must focus on 2021. But she knew that the election was flawed. She knew that if we don’t deal with the flaws of the 2016 elections, there would be no way we can hold a free and fair election in 2021. It was her duty to bring to the fore the findings of this report because that report belongs to the people of Zambia and the people of the world who form the United Nations.”

He charged that Rogan was happy to see more violence and killing under the PF in the 2021 elections.

“It is clear that she was hiding the contents of this report because this report reveals the inadequacies and the flaws, including the way the PF is running this country. There are extrajudicial killings and the police are compromised. It indicates that the PF cadres are not arrested and the opposition cadres get arrested. How can we go to another election like that. It means she wants to see more killings and more violence. Now what kind a UN representative are you,” he wondered.

“She has clearly proven that she is a PF cadre. She cannot continue running the good offices of the UN in our country. We have nothing against the UN, but we have everything against Janet Rogan. This is just the beginning. I want to face Rogan, I have written to her that give me a meeting, she has not responded. I want to say things in her face.”

Asked if he had any evidence to the effect that Rogan had participated in the rigging of the 2016 elections, HH said this was the beginning of more revelations.

“This is just the beginning of many things. Just give us time. As you know we are writing to the UN Secretary General. You should see the contents of that letter to the UN Secretary General where we have put what she did to the voter data base towards the 2016 elections. You will see the things she has been upto for a long time. So give us time until we are done with revealing what we know about Janet Rogan,” he said.

And he congratulated News Diggers!

“I want to congratulate Diggers, you did very well. Before we asked our own contact to release the report, you had access to it. That’s very good. I am very impressed with you,” said HH.