The Ministry of Works and Supply has embarked on a Transformation Agenda of Government Printers in order to revitalise the institution for possible printing of the 2021 election ballot papers locally.

And Works & Supply Minister Felix Mutati says Government Printers needs to be fully transformed and win back its business of printing all government documents before focusing on the printing of ballot papers for elections in 2021.

According to a statement issued yesterday by the Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Ndubi Mvula, Mutati who was speaking when he met workers representatives of the Government Printers, said there was need for Government Printers to secure a sustainable and viable business by winning back the confidence of all clients.

“Minister of Works and Supply, Felix Mutati, and the workers’ representatives at Government Printers have agreed for the need to embrace the transformation agenda the Ministry has embarked on so as to revitalise the institution, which has been facing some teething challenges. Mutati said from his own observation and conviction that the current work force at the institution are capable of tagging along the new revival approach, which is aimed at commercialisation of the institution and bring back the confidence the business community once had in it. He emphasised for the need to be practical on the platform as part of engagement,” Mvula stated.

“Mutati insisted that there is no need for anyone to be scared of transforming because it does not take away or create redundancy but instead it is a vehicle towards improved production, which is needed for Government Printers. He said there is need to expand the business and attract back all those clients, including some government departments that have gone to have their work done by the private sector, adding that this can only be achieved through the Transformation Agenda.”

The Minister, who was meeting the workers representatives at Government Printers prior to his future engagement with the entire staff at the institution, noted that there was every need to transform Government Printers if the 2021 ballot papers were to be printed in Zambia.

“Mutati said if Government Printers is fully transformed and wins back the business of printing of all government documents, it will be a force to reckon with. He urged [with] the workers’ representatives that in addition to focusing on the 2021 printing of ballot papers, there is need to think beyond by having a sustainable and viable business by winning back the confidence of all clients. He called on the workers’ representatives to help eliminate the sense of fear, misunderstanding in the staff so that they, too, can buy into the idea, which is meant to improve their working conditions. ‘Let us work together for the success of this Transformation Agenda’,” Mvula quoted Mutati as having said.

Mutati was accompanied by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Agnes Musunga, who in echoing his guidance to the workers’ representatives, expressed confidence her ministry’s engagement with the workers.

“We seem to be on the same page. I can see there is willingness and zeal to work together, which is very cardinal. There is a vision and common understanding in moving together on this Transformation Agenda,” said Musunga.

Meanwhile, chairperson for Workers’ Representatives at Government Printers Department, Emmanuel Nyendwa, expressed gratitude that the Minister and the Permanent Secretary were both committed to seeing the institution regain its glory and confidence that clients once had in it.

Nyendwa said his team was confident that the Transformation Agenda would bring back the pride to the workers as it is meant to inject a new lease of life.

He also appreciated the fact that for Government Printers to get back on its feet, transformation is inevitable and insisted on the need for training staff so that they are also not left behind.