PF secretary general Davies Mwila says the ruling party’s victory in the just-ended local government by-elections is a sign that Zambians have rejected UPND’s politics of bitterness and cheap propaganda as well as insults championed by National Democratic Congress (NDC).

And Mwila has asked “prodigal sons and daughters who were misled by the rebels behind NDC” to return to PF.

Meanwhile, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says she has come back as better person after serving her 30-day suspension.

Speaking at a media briefing, Wednesday, Mwila boasted that the victory was a “signal” from the Zambian people.

“The People of Zambia have spoken yet again. They have given us a signal. PF has demonstrated yet again that it remains Zambia’s number one party of choice. Under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu, Zambians have reaffirmed their confidence in the ruling Party. PF has defended all its seven seats. Further, of the nine seats previously under UPND, PF has taken five. In short, UPND has only defended three out of all the nine seats they previously held. As one seat in Kasempa District is in dispute to be determined by the Electoral Commission of Zambia,” Mwila said.

Mwila said PF was taking over UPND strongholds because Zambians were tired of politics of bitterness and hatred as well as politics of insults championed by NDC.

“PF is taking over UPND strongholds without leaving any stone unturned because Zambians are fatigued with Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s politics of bitterness and hatred! I want to salute all PF structures and ordinary members across the country. And in particular those from areas were local government by-elections were held for the hard work. These results are clear a signal that Zambians have rejected UPND’s politics of bitterness, lies, hatred, cheap propaganda and regionalism. Further, these results are a signal that Zambians reject self-centred politics of insults championed by the NDC,” he said.

Mwila further asked NDC members to rejoin PF.

“They said they were ready for these by-elections – what do they have to say now that they have been rejected? We ask the few prodigal sons and daughters who were misled by the rebels behind NDC to come back home. We congratulate the Electoral Commission of Zambia for once again delivering a good and efficient election. They always rise to our expectations and make our nation proud. Where there were challenges, they were attended to very quickly,” he said.

Mwila claimed that the just-ended local government by-elections were free and fair.

“The just-ended by-elections were free and fair and we accept the results. They were attracted by our policies and the delivery of services in the past seven years, as well as the commitment PF made in working to build a better Zambia. We do not take the mandate given in these local government by-elections lightly, we know the responsibility that comes with it. PF believes in a local government for all Zambia. PF commits a local government that works for the people. We re-dedicate ourselves to improvement in the delivery of services,” he said.

Mwila reiterated that the Constitution was not under threat from the PF and had never been.

“As the PF, we will build on the huge mobilisation success of our by-election campaign. The PF victory is an endorsement of our policies and programmes. But more than that, it is a victory for the country’s Constitution, which we will always uphold, promote and defend. We reiterate that the Constitution is not under threat from the PF. It has never been. Let me also emphasize that we remain committed to every word we uttered during the election campaign. We were serious when we said we would improve the pace and quality of service delivery and that we will be tough on non-performance,” he said.

And Mwila said PF would participate in the coming dialogue which was being spearheaded by the Zambia Council for Inter-party Dialogue.

He also announced that PF was ready for the Chilanga by-election.

“As a party we are ready for the by-elections in Chilanga. Very much ready and I want to assure the people that we are getting Chilanga without any difficulties. We are also ready for the six local government by-elections. Two in Luapula, two in Northern province and two in Eastern province. We have 10 applications [of] those who want to stand in Chilanga and we are going to have a central committee on Saturday to decide on who would be our candidate. We will make an announcement of Monday morning here at the Secretariat,” he said.

He warned UPND not to play any “funny games” in Chilanga.

“As a party we have condemned the acts of violence. We are going in Chilanga, we have appealed to our people that we don’t want violence. We want peaceful elections and the other six local government by-elections. What we are saying is that all political players, you talk to the UPND, they should not play games in Chilanga. Us we are serious. We want free and fair elections so whatever funny games they will bring, the police will act on them,” said Mwila.

Meanwhile, Phiri said she was now a better person after serving her suspension.

“As you are all aware I have reported back to work today from my suspension. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been standing with me in prayer, strengthening me. And I have come back a better person,” said Phiri who was suspended for embarrassing President Edgar Lungu at a PF dinner early this year.