Police say eight people died in road traffic accidents during the Africa Freedom Day long weekend.

Police assistant public relations officer Godfrey Chilabi revealed in a statement, Tuesday, that 188 accidents were recorded in which 58 people were also seriously injured.

“During the African Freedom Day long weekend (24th-28th May 2018), 188 Road Traffic Accidents were recorded country wide, out of which 8 were fatal Road Traffic Accidents in which 8 people were killed, 20 were serious injury Road Traffic Accidents in which 58 people were seriously injured. Slightly injury Road Traffic accidents were 42 and 52 people sustained minor injuries while 188 were damages only Accidents (did not involve persons),” stated Chilabi.

“Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of accidents with 90, Copperbelt 31, North-Western 13, Eastern 13, Central 12, Western 9, Luapula 7, Southern 9, Muchinga 3 and Northern was the least with 1 accident.”