All Peoples Congress Party President Nason Msoni says he can’t help but regret supporting President Edgar Lungu who pretended to be a humble man, when he was in fact a thief.

In an interview, Msoni said the Patriotic Front government had revealed its true character to Zambians and that the public now understood who they were.

“Every human being on face value we support them, but we don’t know the content of his heart. Yes, I supported Mr Lungu because he seemed to be humble. Those who are holding me on account that I supported Mr Lungu, I think are being unfairly vilifying me. I think I have supported Mr Lungu in good faith. I thought he was a humble man like what everybody thought. So, we didn’t know that he was actually an excellent thief. Those who are saying his excellency don’t know what they are talking about. Our view is that he is an excellent thief. I pity those who are struggling to call him His Excellency. For us we think he is an excellent thief who does not deserve the respect of a President. Clearly, he is a thief. You can’t everyday be trying to fix what he has done,” he said.

“But let me take this opportunity to warn those civil servants who have been used to launder the image for wrong doing, at some point we will hold against what they are doing. Anyone who is in the forefront trying to fix or to alter or to save facts we question them. If we find out that you are one of those people trying to shield or obstructing justice, we may have to deal with you. Like I said there will be a government not too far from now, a new government. So, to the civil service we are saying be careful and never say we never cautioned you.This is what happens normally when those who claim to be servants ultimately overpower themselves to claim the status of a master. Remember that the people who are on WhatsApp are their masters. When you see your servant begin to make rules, then that’s the point that you must realise that you need to remove such a servant. When you realise a servant begging to put hands on funds, stealing money openly, then you know time is up for you to suck such a servant.

He observed that the international community had become concerned with Zambia’s abuse of public resources and the political tension between the top two political parties.

“What Mr Lungu and his friends should know is that one thing is certain, that there will be a new government in the near future and that new government will revisit some of these decisions they are making now and their behaviour and conduct which we think has become repugnant and unfortunate. And it is this behaviour now which our neighbours. The donor countries are deeply concerned with the behaviour of our disgraced Head of State. They are concerned even with the political tension which started two years ago between the the two political parties. So, we are sick and tired of Mr Lungu’s scandals. I think the problem is the behaviour that we find repugnant and I think it has begun to stink. Clearly, they are involving themselves in kickbacks,” said Msoni.