Zambia Railways Board Chairperson Lubinda Linyama says government is in the process of developing 8 main greenfield railway spurs that will connect the country to all the regional trade Corridors.

Speaking during the 2018 Africa Rail Conference at the Convention centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, Linyama said the economic growth and development of the sector was largely dependant on infrastructure and transportation.

He said Zambia remained open to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to raise Finances for recapitalisation of the railway sector.

Linyama said it was through this Private Partnership that government intended to develop the 8 main greenfield railway spurs to boost the sector.

He added that Zambia Railways would consider the development of an urban railway train system to decongest Lusaka.

Zambia’s first secretary for press and tourism at the South African Mission, Naomi Chulu confirmed this is a statement released yesterday.

She reported that Linyama appreciated the fact that the conference was more beneficial to Zambia as it provided a platform to engage investors and showcase the investment opportunities that existed in the country.

And Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba said the railway sector required the transport corridors to be jointly planned with other developed SADC countries.