MMD president Nevers Mumba says an earthly judgement day is coming and that President Edgar Lungu and all corrupt PF members should prepare to be held accountable for their corrupt activities and mismanagement of resources done whilst in office.a

And Mumba says the MMD would be back into full time action once the High Court makes a ruling on the leadership of his party.

Mumba told News Diggers! in an interview that it was ok for President Edgar Lungu to do whatever he wanted now because he is untouchable, but warned that he would be subjected to a judgment day just like the other former Zambian presidents.

“The issue of the government refusing to accept that there is mismanagement of resources and corruption in the country is not new. There is no one, even if I came to you and I said you have stolen this, you are going to say no I have not. The courts are there and that’s why people have to be taken to court. It’s because no one will tell you yes, I stole. So, to me that is not new that government says what they are saying. What is cardinal is that just like in Gods kingdom, not every day is a judgement day. So, people will continue to offend, to sin to do things that everybody thinks they are getting away with. And they think it’s going to be like that all the time, but there is only one judgement day,” Mumba warned.

“When all the things you have done will be put as charges on that judgement day. And once that comes, all the things that we are denying to have done are going to weigh heavily on us and against us before God and before the Zambian people and before the courts of law in this country. so, let’s not be impatient. Let’s keep saying the truth, let’s keep condemning the wrongs, warning those that are stealing from the people. That is our job. We don’t have power to make them stop, we have to wait for that judgement day and once it comes like what has happened in Zimbabwe for instance where $850, 000 has been retrieved from the people in the previous regime. So that money will come back to the Zambian people.”

He said examples were many where world leaders had been made to account by the people they govern.

“The same with Malaysia, the prime Minister, former prime minister is now being arrested after showing power and being untouchable. There is always a judgement day. It’s not just President Lungu, this judgment day is coming for a whole generation of corrupt people. Its coming for everyone who has offended or taken what des not belong to him but has taken from the poor. God who fights for the poor is going to bring that judgment day and once it comes, you can’t run away,” Mumba insisted.

“We had a situation where President Chiluba was implicated in many things but as he was President, nothing was happening. But after he left office, we saw what happened. He was saved when President Mwanawasa lost his life. Somebody would have raised something, not that he was guilty but somebody would have raised something just to make sure that something is saved. And it happens to every President, so I think those of us in leadership, we must really prepare ourselves for the judgement day. Not the heavenly judgement, not the one before the throne of God but the one here on earth because it is coming. Whether you like it or not, that judgment is coming. So, I caution all my colleagues in the political process. Let us be clean on the day of judgement so that our hands are not going to be found with blood or with stolen property or money. But our hands should be clean and that’s all I can advise all of us in the political process.”

And Mumba said the MMD was unable to take part in the ongoing by-elections because it’s leadership wrangles had not yet been resolved.

“As you are aware our MMD case has been marooned at the High Court. The good news is that we have now been given a date and finally the process for the Movement for Multi-party Democracy is coming to and end. What had engulfed our party is about to come to an end. So in the absence of a final court order from the high court we are not able to field any candidates in the upcoming mayoral elections until that is cleared by the High Court. The good news is that we have waited for two years and now the day has come and after this you are going to see the MMD come back into full action,” said Mumba.

“It is true that when a political environment changes, it affects the economy of the country and that is the position at the moment. Conflicts bring retardation in economic progress. It brings lack of commitment on people to participate in production for their country. So, I am surprised that what we have ended up with in this regime is not progress but plenty of hatred, plenty of politics and plenty of enriching ourselves. And history tell me that as ugly as it looks, the answer for Zambia is very close because we have to hit the bottom before we can bounce up to the top. So, this ugliness that has now marooned our country is a sign to any God-fearing person that out of this darkness light is about to come. So I am very confident myself; because a lot of Zambians have given up hope and I am not one of those. I think that the darker it is, the brighter the light is going to shine. So, I am very, very confident that very soon light will come, and I know what I am talking about.”