NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says no one should kill President Edgar Lungu so that he can meet him on the ballot in 2021 when he will be challenged to tell Zambians where his wealth came from.

And Kambwili says his life is a testimony because God moved him from a little boy who used to ‘soil himself’ on the bed to the man he is today.

Speaking at the NDC’s final rally to drum up support for the party’s mayoral candidate Saboi Imboela in Matero constituency ahead of today’s mayoral election, Wednesday, Kambwili said he wanted to meet President Lungu on the ballot in 2021.

“You can go and check my declarations. In 2011, my assets were K50 million, I wasn’t in government, I made my money before joining government. And now they want to say that I stole? For him he had K1 million and today he has K23 million? Dear God, I pray that please, don’t let Lungu die so that I can deal with him, he has stolen too much. Please bless him, he shouldn’t die. I want when 2021 comes, I should find him, with [Stephen] Kampyongo so that they can tell us where they got the money,” Kambwili said.

And Kambwili said his life was a testimony and he didn’t want Zambians to suffer the way he did growing up.

“I will die for the truth. So if they think they will scare me into not talking about their theft, they are wasting time because I will never stop. God sent me on this earth so that all those things I went through, as you see me here, I wasn’t even this fat. I was very poor growing up just like you people here. My father was a miner and we were 13 in the family. In my father’s family, they were five but he was the only educated one so whenever he went to the village, they would give him relatives to bring home and take care of,” he narrated.

“We were so crowded in the house…we used to sleep on a mat and I used to wet the bed at that time. When I wake up, I would have urine marks on my thighs. I suffered so much, when mum cooked chicken it was a special occasion. Those are the things which I wouldn’t want to see Zambians going through.That is why I joined politics so that I can try to develop this country so that citizens can lead better lives. Now these leaders we have came to steal.”

He begged Zambians to give him a chance to rule while he still has energy.

“Give me an opportunity to lead this country whilst I still have energy. For Mr [Michael] Sata, you waited until he was old and tired to vote for him and he died just after two years. But please, don’t do that to me, vote for me while I have energy and see the things I will do for this country…I can wash this country and the people can be happy,” said Kambwili.