Amos Chanda is so treacherous that in order to protect himself from going to jail, he will negotiate to be a State witness against President Edgar Lungu, Roan rebel PF member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili has charged.

And Kambwili has denied killing Delcious Kashimbaya, a Chingola resident, as alleged by Chanda who is State House Press Aide.

Kambwili and Chanda have been waging a war of words since last week, without counter accusations of theft.

Chanda has explained that he has not stolen any ngwee of public money and neither has he been involved in any corrupt activities. he also told News Diggers in an interview that some properties which he owns like the two green houses at his State Lodge farm were gotten on credit from Amiran.

But the former chief government spokesperson who also leads the opposition National Democratic Congress has insisted that Chanda is a thief because if he was a genuine entrepreneur, he would have been listed by Forbes Magazine among the top 10 African best businessmen.

“The boy has been caught napping because what I have disclosed is nothing but the truth and because he is so embarrassed, he cannot keep it but to phone me and to insult me. I am so shocked that you can get such behaviour from a Presidential Press Aide, more especially a Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations. The boy has stooped too low for his job because if I have said anything which is not truthful about him, he can seek recourse in court but to start calling me early in the morning and start insulting me, I don’t think that’s the behaviour you expect from someone in his position, that behaviour is for thugs. But I will forgive the boy because the truth hurts and I think he has found himself in a situation where I have exposed his corruption, which is nothing but the truth,” Kambwili said.

“If he was such a gifted businessman who can make so much money in two years, to own all that property that he has gained, why didn’t he do it when he was outside State House? I made my money outside government but why [is it that] all of a sudden, Lungu, Kaizer Zulu, Amos, should make so much money in the last two years that they cannot even account for? Are they telling me that they have just been gifted with business when they are in State House? You can read between the lines that the young man is just a simple thief who has not worked for anything but he has gotten whatever he has through corruption and shoddy deals. And my advice to him is that stop insulting people when they talk about your corruption. If I have said anything that he is not happy with, he should go to court.”

And Kambwili denied having killed anybody.

“He is saying I have killed people, he is in government, why haven’t they arrested me? He is saying there is a policeman who I hit with a metal bar in Luanshya and up to now the man is lame, I really don’t understand this boy’s thinking because he is in government, he works for the President. Why haven’t they instructed the police to arrest me? What is so special about me that I have murdered a person, I have maimed a person, making him permanently lame but I have never been investigated by the police? I have never been called by the police to go and answer to a query over the death of anybody,” he explained.

“I am so shocked that he can associate me with the death of Kashimbaya because Kashimbaya died when I was in Chingola and nobody, not even his relatives or police pointed fingers at me. I am hearing it for the first time from Amos that I am the one who killed Kashimbaya. Now if Amos has got details of how I killed Kashimbaya, why hasn’t he gone to the police? Then the police are useless, I killed Kashimbaya, State House has got details and they are just watching me? Kashimbaya died in the 90s I think, he was a colleague, we were working together in ZCCM and that’s all I know about him. When he died, I even went for his funeral because he was living in the neighbourhood and I have never been accused of killing him. And he says I fired a gun in open court? First and foremost, I have never owned a gun in my whole life, even up to now I don’t own a gun. I don’t remember at any time in Chingola, or you can ask people in Chingola where I opened fire in the magistrates’ court. Never! Surely you can open fire in a magistrates’ court and they just leave you like that?”

He expressed concern that Chanda had wrong information about him.

“This boy has got so much wrong information about me. He doesn’t even know me. And he is saying when I was dealing with scrap metals, that’s when I hit this policeman in Luanshya with a metal thing, first and foremost, I left Luanshya in the mid 80s after completing school and I never did business in Luanshya or worked in Luanshya, that’s why I am saying the boy doesn’t know me. I grew up in Luanshya and when I finished secondary school, I never went back to live in Luanshya, I was living in Chingola and all my scrap metal business was in Chingola. I only went back to Luanshya in 2006 when I went to stand for elections. So where did I do scrap in Luanshya and hit a policeman with a metal thing?” he wondered.

“That’s why I took him to court so that he can go and justify and today I did very well because I recorded him which is very good evidence for me as we go to court. When he was telling me that I am a thief, I never called him to insult him, when he said I killed people, I never called him to insult him, I went to court because that’s what genuine people do, I took him to court. But I am so shocked that the boy has a habit of calling me to insult me almost everyday and are these the people that should be working at State House? Are these the people that Lungu should be calling his advisors? He deserves to be fired under normal circumstances.”

Meanwhile Kambwili argued that Chanda did not spend US$6,000 on green houses as he claimed.

“And let me tell him that I know all the figures, how much he paid to Amiran for the job that they did at the farm. Let him not mislead the people that he paid $6,000 for each of the Greenhouses and if Amiran wants to join in the lie, tell them that they will burn their fingers because this government will not be there in perpetuity. I have got all the information and it will come out at the right time. If greenhouses were costing $6,000 all farmers would have had them. So don’t let that boy think he is clever because his days are numbered,” he charged.

“So Amos is certainly an excellent businessman. For a man who was not only driving a Spacio, renting a flat and surviving off Fred M’membe till 2012, to land on such wealth he certainly deserves to feature on the Forbes List of top 10 African entrepreneurs. His supersonic rise to such enormous wealth despite him being unemployed four years prior to his first and lower level civil service appointment only points to one thing, he is a shameless and reckless thief without a conscience like I already told you. And typical just like his boss who moved from having less than 3 million to 23 million in one year.”

Kambwili charged that Chanda would turn against President Lungu.

“Let him keep talking and telling us what else he knows and and owns, and the country will keep a record so that when the day of reckoning comes, he can be interviewed at 08 hours in the morning, arrested at 10 hours, brought to court at 14 hours, put on his defence at 16 hours and convicted at 17 hours before surrendering him to Chimbokaila at 18 hours. That young boy will have an express trial which will be concluded in a day because he’s too careless. Amos is going to jail, mark my words,” said Kambwili.

“I really pity my brother Edgar, because if that boy doesn’t go to jail, he will negotiate to be a state witness against Edgar. That is how treacherous the boy is. If Edgar sees a human being in that boy, then he is in trouble. If that boy can turn against Fred M’membe who fed him for four years, sent his children to school and supported him for nothing, then Edgar will be in problems soon.”