President Edgar Lungu’s private secretary Daniel Siwo must vacate the ministerial house allocated to him based on his relationship with the Head of State, National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili has demanded.

And Kambwili says Parliament will reject the 30 ngwee Internet tariff because it is an illegal tax which is meant to punish innocent Zambians.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says he will never attend any parliamentary address by President Edgar Lungu on national values because the Head of State is an immoral person who has failed to tame his press aide, Amos Chanda.

In an interview with News Diggers! Kambwili urged the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and other relevant authorities to see to it that President Lungu’s relatives were removed from ministerial houses which they were occupying illegally.

“Recently, I raised a concern over that private secretary (Daniel Siwo) to the President who lives in a ministerial house. I was hoping that the Ministry of Works and Supply would take it up from there. But they can never speak to us over that issue because it’s a fact. That boy who lives there is just a private secretary, but because he’s related to Lungu, he has been given a ministerial house, and how he was employed, nobody knows. I still insist that, that boy must vacate that house or Anti-Corruption must take interest to find out who allocated him that house, because that’s pure abuse of authority! I am calling on whoever is responsible for his illegal stay in that house to be brought to book as soon as possible. It cannot be business as usual when people are breaking the laws of this country with impunity,” Kambwili insisted.

“But again, reporting these matters to the Anti-Corruption Commission is just a sheer waste of time. Just look at what happened when I reported the President and PF for money laundering; what has been done about that? Nothing! So, for now, you can’t report such matters because they will not go anywhere. Financial Intelligence Centre Trends Report; what has happened to the culprits mentioned in that Report? Nothing! So, it’s just a sheer waste of time reporting these things for now. The only thing we can do for now is just to tell the people of Zambia so that they know how their money is being misused by PF.”

He charged that President Lungu had become big-headed after acquiring so much power as Head of State.

“I want to advise President Lungu; he should know that he will not be in power forever, President Lungu should stop abusing his authority with impunity. Let him take those relatives of his out of the ministerial houses they have been allocated because they are not supposed to be there! That is abuse of authority! I have never heard of any President in the history of Zambia who has held two houses; State House and another house because the President is only entitled to State House and State Lodge. But how he has given himself a third house and leave his relative there and everybody is quiet, nobody understands. That’s why I am saying this man (President Lungu) is a danger to this country; he has no respect for the rule of law; he has no respect for anybody! He thinks by being President, he’s a small ‘god’ who should be worshiped. But for some of us, we will never worship criminals,” Kambwili vowed.

Efforts to get a comment from the Minister of Works and Supply Felix Mutati proved futile as his personal secretary told this reporter that he had meetings.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said that the newly introduced 30 ngwee tariff on all Internet calls would be rejected by Parliament.

“Anything which is a levy or a tax can only be introduced through the budget, not middle way; that would be illegal. But that man (President Lungu) thinks he’s above the law and he thinks by being President he can abrogate the provisions of the law with impunity. But the day for reckoning will come for him because all what he’s doing is being taken note of and when the right time comes, wina azalila (one will cry)! You cannot bring in a tax without adjusting the budget, that thing can only be brought through the budget. Only Parliament has the right to approve levies and taxes. So, we don’t know if this tax will be in this year’s budget or in the 2019 budget, we don’t know because he said, ‘it’s with immediate effect,’ according to what Lungu said, ‘it is with immediate effect.’ But if it is with immediate effect, then it’s illegal! And when it comes in the 2019 budget, we will reject it! We will see what happens after the presentation of the budget, and if it is part of the budget speech or not. If not, then we can look at other avenues to resolve the issue,” Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili, who is also Roan PF member of parliament, said he would not be part of President Lungu’s address in parliament as long as the Head of State keeps Chanda as his Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations.

“What can you expect from that man? That’s a finished politician! It will just be business as usual even this time when he comes to address Parliament, what can change? It will just be all rhetoric! What can he even tell us about national values when his own Press Aide can insult with impunity, but the President still keeps him in the job. I will never attend an address of Parliament by Lungu when it comes to that period of addressing national values. Immediately he comes into Parliament, I will walk out because there is no way he can be talking about national values when his Minister of Religion [Rev Godfridah Sumaili] is quiet about a press aide insulting citizens and castigating people living with HIV, and the President comes to talk about morals, really? State House currently is immoral! State House is just an institution where there is immorality; both in terms of corruption and just national morals,” said Kambwili.