Shawki Fawaz’s lawyers Magubbwi and Associates have written to Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga, telling her to retract a police statement in which she alleged that copper concentrates destined for Chambeshi Smelter were diverted to Shawki’s mining plant, Markov Investments Company.

Shawki’s lawyers explained that their client was not in any way associated to the said company, and neither is he a shareholder nor director.

On Sunday, police on the Copperbelt arrested 19 youths and a mastermind who diverted a truck loaded with 32 bags of copper concentrates weighing 32,000 Kgs.

Katanga had said the truck was diverted at Markov Mining Plant, which belonged to Shawki Fawazi.

She explained that the truck was coming from Chinsenda Mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and destined for Chambeshi Copper Smelter before it was diverted.

But in a letter, Tuesday, Shawki’s lawyers disputed Katanga’s statement, insisting that their client was not in any way associated with the said Markov Mining Plant.

They added that Katanga’s statement was a total misrepresentation of facts.

“It has come to our client’s attention that you did issue a press release indicating that copper concentrates destined for Chambeshi Smelter was diverted to Markov Investments Company Limited Mining Plant and that the said plant belonged to Mr Shawki Fawaz, our client. As you may be aware, the print media has adopted and published your statement and therein repeated your implication of our client,” they stated.

“We find it critical and imperative to draw your attention to the fact that, our client is not in any way associated with the said Markov Mining Plant as he is neither a director nor shareholder therein and, therefore, your press statement to the extent it refers our client as the owner of the plant, is a total misrepresentation and fabrication.”

The lawyers further stated that it was regrettable that Katanga issued a statement without the due care of establishing facts.

“Our client finds it regrettable that the statement was issued without the due care of establishing his non-privity to the said company, and indeed, the circumstances that culminated into your press release. Had your office taken the reasonable effort and exercise of verifying the ownership of the said company, the false implication of our client could have been avoided,” they argued.

The lawyers stated that Katanga’s unverified statement had bleached their client’s reputation and if not retracted, would damage him.

“It is obvious that your unverified press release has bleached our client’s reputation, and if not corrected or retracted, will serve to effect serious reputation damage to him. In the circumstances we are instructed to request your good office to correct the impression and disassociate our client from the subject company and circumstances under reference of your press release or statement. Your good action of causing a retraction and corrective press statement will be appreciated and hoping this is done with utmost haste,” appealed Shawki’s lawyers.