NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili says late president Michael Sata entrusted President Edgar Lungu with so many responsibilities because he was the only drunkard with no presidential ambitions.

And Kambwili says police have been instructed to deny him permits for public meetings because the state doesn’t want people to hear the truth about how useless it is.

Speaking when he featured on IWAZE radio in Chingola, Saturday, Kambwili explained that Sata was aware that there were too many people with presidential ambitions in the party, hence his decision to use President Lungu to act in his absence, as a way of unifying the party.

“People keep wondering why Sata left Lungu with so many positions, but they don’t know the secret that was there. Only a few of us know this. Ba Sata bale tila, ni icho fye Ati nga abantu nabema, filya batila mob psychology, tabomfwa nagu mulondolele shani…ba Sata bale tila ba Kambwili mulefwaya ukuba president, ba GBM balefwaya bu President, ba Wynter balafwaya bu President, na ba Lubinda bale fwaya bu President, kanshi pali imwe bonse, nga na fumapo, nshakula shako nagu ulionse. Nakulashako fye uyu winne chakolwa ewo takwata nangu aspiration ukutila tube United mu chilonganino. Echo Lungu balemusilapo ba Sata (Mr Sata used to say, it’s just that when people rise, because of mob psychology, no matter how much you explain they don’t listen, but Mr Sata used to say that ‘you Kambwili you have presidential ambitions, GBM has presidential ambitions, Wynter also wants to be president, even Lubinda wants to be president so among all of you, I can’t leave you to act, it is better I just leave this same drunkard whose got no ambitions so that there can be unity in the party. That’s why Sata used to lave Lungu acting),” Kambwili said.

“You are suffering here in Chingola, a President comes and tells you that he has failed to solve your problems. Because that day he came here, that’s the day the problems should have finished. Now I want to tell you people Chingola that the day Lungu came here, that was the day your problems should have ended but Lungu has no capacity to solve your problems.”

And Kambwili said the state did not want him to explain to the people how they were mismanaging the country.

“This government is taking us into a ditch. That’s why they don’t want to give me permits to explain this to be people, they keep denying me permits because they know that I will tell the people the truth and they will rise. Even in my own constituency now, I only talk on radio. When I go to address people, so many police officers come to disrupt.
Now I am telling the officer in charge that ‘you the officer in charge, we suffer together’. Even Katanga, we suffer together, there is no difference. There is no market where you people will be going to buy cheap commodities, all of us are suffering together so give us permits, let us explain to the people, let us wake them up so that they can know that this leadership we have is a useless one. Now if you continue blocking us, that is your own fault,” said Kambwili.

Police on Saturday denied Kambwili a permit to hold an outdoor meeting with supporters in Chingola.