The Opposition United Party for National Development in Kafue has suspended their Kafue Town Council Chairman Thomas Zulu for conduct likely to bring the name of the party into contempt, ridicule and disrepute.

UPND Kafue Constituency Chairman Albert Hadunka confirmed the suspension but declined to give further details as Zulu’s suspension was done by the UPND district committee.

Impeccable sources within UPND in Kafue revealed that the party was very upset with Zulu for attending President Lungu’s cleaning exercise in Kafue a fortnight ago where Zulu allegedly declared openly to support and work with the Head of State.

“The matter in which the Council Chairman, Hon. Thomas Zulu, was found wanting was heard on Monday 29th October 2018 by a joint District / Constituency Executive Committee. The following were the reactions from the Council Chairman: 1. That he was very sorry for his behaviour and the embarrassment he caused to the Party President and the Party ad a whole 2. He is very remorseful for what he did and asked for forgiveness. 3. He does not work with the PF and not even President Lungu. 4. He is very loyal to the UPND Party and it’s top leadership
5. He does not know President Lungu either in a personal capacity or as a political ally,” the source said.

“The committee after considering all the merits and demerits of the case ruled as follows:
1. The Council Chairman must make a public apology immediately through the electronic and print media to retract his embarrassing behaviour. 2. The Council Chairman must apologize in writing to the Party President for the embarrassment caused to the Party President. 3. Both apologies in 1 and 2 above should be done in 48 hours time failure to which the Party will meter out stiffer punishment including suspension from the Party and duties as a civic leader.”

The committee appealed to the UPND national leadership to guide on what steps to take next.

“The top party leadership will us guide on further action due to the other implications that may include even expulsion from the party,” the source said.

And in a letter dated October 27, 2018 addressed to Zulu and signed by Clifford E. Mwaba, the UPND district chairman, the former has been suspended from performing party functions for a period of three months.

“In order to maintain discipline in the party and more to protect the good name of the party, the district committee has ruled that: you be suspended from your party for a period of three months with immediate effect. During this period of the suspension, you should not carry a function behalf of the party” read the letter.

When contacted, both UPND District chairman Mwaba and his Secretary Meddy Muleya declined to comment and referred all queries to Zulu whose phone went unanswered.