A Kabwe resident and former Mulungushi University student Prince Ndoyi says it is unfortunate that instead of using their mandate to uplift the lives of the people who put them in office, Central Province MPs are busy fighting to satisfy their selfish interests.

In an interview, Ndoyi, an MMD youth, said the recent political squabbles by Central Province PF parliamentarians at Government House was not inspiring to young people.

“I want to state that the political narrative of Central Province is uninspiring and very disappointing! And I make these comments arising from the situations that have continued to characterise Central Province in terms of fights over things that somewhat were expected that there should be a more amicable way of addressing those things. We know that just recently, there was a headline that was making rounds on social media that some members of parliament were fighting at Government House. Such news makes sad reading, especially that Central Province just recently held an Expo to try and create a platform for exposing the different sectors of the province; that platform should have been used in the fore to try and create the necessary environment for people to benefit and uplift the living standards of the people of Central Province,” Ndoyi said.

He argued that the provincial members of parliament have no unity of purpose.

“So, instead what we are seeing everyday [on] the news from Central Province is that either people were fighting for something, there were people who were fighting for who, there were people who said what, there were others who were lying, and it is very disappointing! And I want to say that all members of parliament in the province have no unity of purpose. They are not consolidating their purpose to developing the province, but instead they are involving themselves in petty squabbles over toilets, bus stops, markets, [or] over plots! These are the things that have continued to preoccupy our leaders. And it’s unfortunate that the people of Central Province have bestowed their trust in a group of people to transform a province; to drive an agenda; to improve the living standards of the people; have lost the script and have focused more on safeguarding their business interests and protecting themselves,” said Ndoyi.