Jesus is on the boat, says Religious Affairs Minister Reverend Godfridah Sumaili.

Addressing a rally in Kaoma, Sunday, Rev Sumaili said a vote for Mangango PF candidate
Godwin Putu was a vote for Jesus.

“Jesus ali mu bwato. If Jesus is not there, there is no security, there is no peace. That’s why we want a government that honors Jesus. Jesus is in the boat so when we vote for Putu, we are voting for Jesus,” said Reverend Sumaili before asking the crowd to flash the PF symbol.

“Hallelujah, Amen. So on the 20th of November, we are choosing Putu, on the boat and we are selecting for Jesus. God bless you.”

But in a statement, Monday, UPPZ leader Charles Chanda said it was blasphemous for Rev Sumaili to tell Mangango residents that voting for Putu was voting for Jesus.

“Yesterday we had a blessed day in Mangango and got a new revelation from Sumaili to the people of Mangango that voting for Putu is like voting for Jesus. It is an appeal to Christians in Mangango that you have a place to gather from because you have a new Jesus. But I was shocked that the Minister whom l thought was a Christian would liken PF candidate to Jesus,” said Chanda.

“How can you bring yourselves so low. If you are saying it is the PF boat and Jesus is there then l will run away from Zambia. Because it means that the people in that boat, Jesus is teaching them corruption and how to steal donor funds. I therefore challenge Reverend Sumaili to explain the Jesus she is referring to in this case so that people are not confused with the Jesus in the Bible.”