In this audio, NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili confronts Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo, telling him that he is aware of the directive to the Inspector General of Police to arrest and charge him with treason.

And in response the Minister vows to teach Kambwili a lesson for playing with his ‘projects’ which he says are important to the people.

Below is a transcript of their conversation:

Kamwbili: Ba Kampyongo muli shani? (Kampyongo how are you?)

Kampyongo: Bwino shani ba honourable (Fine thank you, how are you?)

Kambwili: Mwa pwisha meeting yakunpela treason? (Have you finished your meeting where you are planning to charge me with treason?)

Kampyongo: Kwisa uko (where is that)?

Kambwili: Fyonse efyo mwachita discuss naba IG natwishiba (I know everything you have discussed with the IG), I am ready to be arrested for treason. Yonse ama (all the) instructions aya fumine from State House to you, naba IG, so muli mu meeting nombaline, I know about it.

Kampyongo: Naba nani (with who)?

Kambwili: You are with the IG and police officers planning to arrest me.

Kampyongo: Don’t be so cheap, don’t be so much of a coward if you don’t know what you are doing.

Kamwbili: No, just come and arrest me for treason, I am ready for you.

Kampyongo: I will teach you a lesson, if you start playing with my projects, those projects you are playing around with, you know know how much they are important to our people.

Kamwbili: Kampyongo, when you speak for the people, it’s not playing with the projects. You should not allow these investors, because they are doing projects for the police to be mistreating our people. You are an MP just like me and if people come to your home, as a member of parliament and complain to you as a member of parliament and you talk to them, it is not treason Kampyongo.

Kampyongo: No listen…

Kamwbili: And you cannot say if you are playing with my projects I will teach you a lesson, you can’t say that. But anyway, I have recorded you.

Kampyongo: You can do whatever you want to do

Kambwili: I have recorded you saying you will teach me a lesson because I am playing with your projects, thank you very much

Kampyongo: You are very stupid, very foolish

Kambwili: Go ahead and ask your officers to come and arrest me because I am playing with your projects

Kampyongo: You record and I am telling you that this foolishness of yours will not help you

Kambwili: I have recorded you, thank you very much

Kampyongo: You are so childish

Kambwili: Give them that instruction, they are already in your office I know

Kampyongo: You are so childish, I don’t want to deal with childish people like yourself.

Kambwili: Thank you very much, I am childish, but go ahead

Take a listen:

And in an interview, Kambwili said President Edgar Lungu was upset that he met AVIC employees at his house on Sunday.

“Yes, I got an intelligence report that President Lungu had directed Kampyongo to get the IG and the deputy IG in charge of operations and CID to meet in his office, and they are meeting right now as I am talking to you, framing a charge of treason against me. For addressing those AVIC employees who were complaining about the conditions of service they are going through when building those police houses in my constituency and the mere fact that I said that if the President does not speak for the people, and only cares about investors, it simply means that we have no president in State House, we only have a figure head, because the president is supposed to speak for the people and if he is failing to do his job, then it is as good as we don’t have a president, we only have a figurehead. Now President Lungu and Kampyongo are very upset that I spoke on behalf of those poor employees of AVIC in Luanshya…they have instructed police to frame a charge of treason and unlawful assembly,” said Kambwili.

“But look, I am a member of parliament. If my constituents have a problem, they have the right to come to my home to complain like they came. And obviously, as a leader, I had to answer and tell them that I would take it up with government. Today what they have done is that they have arrested 10 of those boys in Luanshya and now they are having a meeting to have me charged with treason. This country has gone to the dogs, I am sorry to say that this country has gone to the dogs. And to make matters worse, I called Kampyongo and he answered in the affirmative that I will teach you a lesson for playing with my projects.”

Efforts to get a comment from Kampyongo failed as his phone went unanswered.