Kelvin Bwalya Fube says Zambians must not fear to stand up and challenge the selfish, incompetent and greedy government in 2019, warning that the fear of doing so will keep citizens in perpetual poverty.

In his New Year message, Fube who is an election strategist, member of the PF but also a critic of the ruling party said citizens must not accept the 2018 confusion as they start 2019, adding that bad leaders in government must not be allowed to divide Zambia any further.

“We remain poor only because our mindset is full of fear and we accept it. How exactly do we remain poor you may ask? We accept to remain poor by allowing ourselves to be divided by incompetent, greedy and bad leadership. We have allowed poor leadership to divide us by tribe and political affiliation and classification. We have allowed those, in who’s self best interest it is to have a divided Zambia, to divide us and continue dividing us. We have many sell outs at various levels of leadership in our beloved country, all out of fear and unless we refuse to look beyond our political and tribal affiliations in this new year and beyond, we shall continue to chase our own tail as a nation. If we continue to act out of fear, we shall forever remain a poverty stricken people. In 2019, we must shake off fear and unite around the desire to see a better Zambia. We can only do this by standing up to selfish, incompetent, self centered, divisive leadership, by not being afraid. Zambia only gets better when we choose to get better at working together as a united people, regardless of ones tribe or political affiliation. I wish each and every Zambian a fearless and patriotic new year,” Fube said.

He insisted that getting rid of fear was the only way to make the country progress.

“We must be careful in this new year not to let fear rob us of our God given blessings. I say again, fear not Zambia. Aren’t we blessed? Here we are in a new year after all. 2018 was a little rough, a little tough and perhaps a little up in the air and yet here we are. Who are we? Where are we and who should we be? A new year is upon us and it comes with a new chance, a chance of a new dawn. We can choose to remain stuck in our old ways and step into this new year with no hope, no ambition, no determination and no zeal for a better nation. Or we can look 2018 in the eye and say to it “Thank you for your trials, thank you for your challenges, thank you for your problems. Thank you of your confusion but we as a nation have chosen to be victors, to be overcomes and having survived you, we shall not fear the obstacles and challenges of 2019. In 2018, I saw great failures out of fear by us as a people,” said Fube.

“We failed to unite and have a common purpose for the nation. We failed to stare wrong in the eye and demand right. We failed to stand united against bad leadership and defend the little guy. We failed to speak up and speak out when the movements and moments favored us as individuals but did not favor the nation. We failed to stand shoulder to shoulder as brothers and sisters born for the purpose of leaving behind a better Zambia than we found, all this out of fear and preservation. I dare say again, fear not Zambians.”