United Party for National Development (UPND) candidate for Sesheke Parliamentary by-elections Romeo Kang’ombe has been declared duly elected MP for Sesheke with only 35 polling stations counted out of 43.

Returning officer for the Sesheke parliamentary by-elections Joseph Jeffrey Kanyemba who announced the final results around 04:00 hours this morning announced that votes from 2,164 registered voters in the remaining eight polling stations would not have any effect on the final result of the elections.

Kanyemba announced that Kango’mbo polled 7,768 votes out of the total 11,419 votes cast. While PF’s Dean Masule who came as a distant second polled 3,297 votes while Kalimuwa Victor and Muhau Charity of UPPZ and PAC polled 131 and 37 votes respectively.

“Out of the 43 polling stations in Sesheke constituency, we have received 35 polling station results and the provisional results from the 35 out of the 43 polling stations received indicate that Muhau Charity of PAC has won 37 votes, Kalimukwa Victor of UPPZ has 131 votes, Masule Dean of PF has 3,297 votes and Kang’ombe Romeo of UPND has 7,768 votes. Total votes cast is 11,419, with rejected ballot papers being 76,” he said.

“Therefore, in accordance with the electoral process Act, Article 73 (B), having ascertained, tallied the results and considered the possible results of the main number of registered voters of 2,164 in the eight polling stations remaining, that it will have no effect on the outcome of the election results received so far. I Joseph Jeffrey Kanyamba, being the returning officer for Sesheke by-elections do hereby declare that Romeo Kang’ombe of the United Party for National Development (UPND), as having been duly elected as member of parliament for Sesheke.”

Meanwhile, UPND Chairperson for elections Gary Nkombo thanked all the parties that gave UPND the competition in the elections.

“On behalf of the UPND and also on behalf of all the participating political parties, we would like to say that we are very thankful for the process that was taken. We want to thank everyone who participated in this process, we want to thank the police, we want to thank our cadres, we want to thank everyone who took part in this whole difficult journey. As far as we are concerned, this declaration was long overdue and Honourable Romeo Kang’ombe is going to represent the people of Sesheke for the next two years,” said Nkombo

“We are certain that he was a good replacement for late MP, Mr Frank Kufakwandi. We would like to thank the Kufankwandi family for the support they have given us. We would like to thank the PF for the competition that they provided as well. I would just like to appeal to all to Sesheke residents to accept Kang’ombe as their representative, whether you voted for him or not.”

Nkombo also appealed to President Lungu to find time to address police officers over their brutality during elections.