The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Copperbelt Provincial leadership has suspended its Kitwe Chairman Stephen Chewe for “gross indiscipline”.

Chewe held a meeting yesterday, at which he gave Chishimba Kambwili a 24 hour ultimatum to resign as a parliamentarian and focus on growing the NDC.

Speaking at a media briefing in Kitwe, Chewe said the party was bigger than an individual.

“We are a political party and we can’t continue to be in the same position of having a consultant. We need to have a President that will lead the party. This issue of consultant should come to an end. So our demand is that he resigns from PF and focuses on the NDC. The issue of PF MP and acting as consultant is not working well. The people are not working because we don’t know the position. We want him to come out and resign so that he can focus on growing the party. NDC is a serious party, and we should be seen to be serious,” Chewe demanded.

“We wanted him to resign as yesterday, so if he can resign within 24 hours, better for the party. This is the demand, we are making now. We need to know at what level, we are moving. Now if the president continues to be PF and NDC, how will it work. So this is the message that is coming from the grassroots. This is a big party, that won’t operate with a president. We need to have a President so that all decisions made are final. That way, we will be focused and grow the party. Just look at the number of people that have come here. All the five Constituencies in Kitwe are here. So that is the demand for now.”

But NDC Copperbelt Province Chairman, Chipoka Mulenga, said he had moved to suspend his Kitwe official for holding the clandestine meeting which produced a decision that was not supported by the party leadership.

The press briefing he held this morning was not blessed by the Provincial leadership. It does not reflect the views and opinions of the party on The Copperbelt. Mr Chewe is therefore, instructed not to issue any statement on behalf of the NDC in Kitwe and disassociate himself from all party activities during this period of his suspension,” said Mulenga