Transport and Communication Minister Brian Mushimba says he was out of line when he blocked those who questioned him on who footed his medical bill in South Africa after breaking his arm in an accident.

On Monday, Mushimba blocked critics on Twitter after they demanded justification for his decision to get his broken arm treated in South Africa, where he stayed for over a month.

In a tweet, Wednesday, Mushimba apologized for this saying after some reflection, he had decided to unblock them.

“After much reflection, I totally have realized my part in the storm surrounding my being discharged from hospital. I want to unreservedly apologize and open a new page on our friendship and our online interactions. I take responsibility for the events referenced. #unblockPeople,” Mushimba tweeted.

One of his followers, Abraham, who uses the Twitter handle; @Maidas, wondered whether Mushimba only realized his mistakes after News Diggers carried a story about his conduct.

“Learn to listen to people you serve..after you have been published in the newspaper mwasebana now you see that insoni ebuntu ka,” Abraham tweeted.

But Mushimba claimed he only apologized because he felt he was out of line.

“Have I been published? I didn’t know that! But I have had many bad articles written about me. It comes with the territory. I have apologized because I felt I was out of line. Period,” Mushimba tweeted.

Mushimba went on to explain that he used personal resources to rehabilitate his arm in South Africa.

“After the accident, UTH did their best to stabilize me. I lost lots of blood. My wife was crying uncontrollably. My hand was crushed. Damaged beyond redemption. Bones, nerves, ligament, soft tissue. Damaged. cut[ting] it off was suggested. Finally, a referral for 2nd opinion. Enter SA,” Mushimba tweeted.

“I went to South Africa with only my wife to keep costs low. Every bill that was handed to me and my wife while in SA, we paid out of our own personal funds and we have receipts.”

He invited those who wanted proof to stop by Parliament to have a look at receipts of all transactions regarding his trip to SA.

“Please stop by parliament, if u can. U can see all the bills we were given and receipts of payment with a debit card in my wife’s name (Brenda Mushimba),” Mushimba tweeted.

The Transport Minister said add his voice to advocating for specialized treatment for all Zambians.

“Experiences shape us. Access to specialized treatment we must accelerate because no Zambian should lose their arm, if it can be saved. I offer myself; I want to be your additional voice on this so that we fast track access to specialized treatment for ALL ZAMBIANS in our lifetime,” tweeted Mushimba.