President Edgar Lungu says if politicians go to church with sinister motives of seeking support, the Church must let God convict them.

Speaking when he attended a service at Healing Word Ministries International in Lusaka yesterday, President Lungu said the Church must pray for politicians who go to the house of the Lord with such sinister motives to get convicted instead.

“I did not wish to speak for the simple reason that speaking in church by politicians in Zambia is perceived to be politicizing the church. But I want to be free of that accusation. But I have been a God fearing person before I became a President, before a Minister, before I became a Christian, before I became a politician. Even after I stop being a President I will still be a Christian. So my plea, my message is that please help us feel accepted when we come to church because you make us feel very guilty that we come to solicit for support. This is simply because most politicians don’t know God. Allow us to come and feel that we belong to the church also,” President Lungu said.

“I saying this very mindful of how the church has played a very critical role in our political affairs in this country. And I think the church must bring us together, whether you belong to the opposition or the ruling party so that ministry should not be lost sight of. So when we come, whether the intention is soliciting for support, let God convict us. Keep praying for us in politics so that at the end of the day, those of us who come to church with a sinister motive of trying to win support for the church get convicted to support the Lord.”

He said praying for politicians to get convicted by the word of God was the only thing that could end political violence.

“When you do so, you will bring Christianity to the political arena. The violence that you’re seeing now will be a thing of the past. And on that score, I feel very very strengthened when I come to church and I am left alone because I know that I will concentrate on the word. By the time I come out of church, I will be a different, richer person even when I am talking politics. I am very mindful of the influence that you have over all of us. The church has influence over all of us in this country especially those of us who are politicians. Don’t underrate your influence. Continue praying for us, visit us in our homes, visit us in our offices, and talk to us with the love of Christ so that the love of Christ fills the political arena so that this violence we are seeing will be a thing of the past. Nothing will heal Zambia from the violence which is emerging in the political arena unless Christ fills the hearts of politicians, nothing at all!” President Lungu said.

Because where there is Christ, there is love, where there is Christ, there is understanding. Where there is Christ there is tolerance, where there is Christ, there is a desire not to harm your friend.”

He said the Church was free to choose whether or not to allow politicians to speak during services.

“So for you in the church, if you feel like giving us a chance to speak, please do so. If you don’t feel like giving us a chance to speak, do not feel guilty at all because it is your choice. The most effective way you feel will reach out to us, please use that avenue,” said President Lungu.

“I am saying this because I’m some church they will say ‘don’t allow politicians to speak from the pulpit, don’t allow politicians to even greet people, it is your choice like I said. But if you think that by talking to the church through politicians, probably other politicians will listen, especially ba PF na papata, listen to me. I don’t think anyone who belongs to PF and believes in what we stand for as PF will take pride in injuring another person simply to overcome that person’s position in his quest to pursue his political agenda. So PF, I am appealing to you, please be the carrier of the message of peace and love in the political arena. I have already spoken too much and I hope you won’t be fed up with me he next time I come, allow me to greet you. I greet you in the name of Christ our lord, amen.”