NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili has charged that President Edgar Lungu’s political adviser Kaizer Zulu fired seven gun shots at his house on Saturday night.

Kambwili has also charged that Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga is letting Zulu get away with so many atrocities because she behaves like a “street kabova”.

Meanwhile, Kambwili says if police block NDC’s planned campaign meetings today, he will file for an injunction to stop the Roan election on account of an unfair playing field.

But Zulu and Katanga say Kambwili is mad.

Addressing the press in Luanshya, Sunday, Kambwili alleged that Zulu had tampered with ballot papers and after the NDC team reported the incident to the police, Zulu trailed him to his house and fired seven gun shots.

“We are extremely disappointed with the behavior of one Kaizer Zulu. Kaizer Zulu came in the district three days ago and since he came, confusion has started. And this confusion that he has brought, is being supported by Commissioner of Police Katanga, and this is very unfortunate. We had reliable information, very reliable information that Kaizer Zulu got two ballot boxes, from where, we don’t know, whether it was the civic centre or he came with them from Lusaka from the Electoral Commission, but we believe that the Electoral Commission of Zambia is involved because those ballot boxes and ballot papers are a property in the custody of the Electoral Commission of Zambia. How those boxes found themselves with Kaizer Zulu is what we don’t understand. He took these ballot boxes and ballot papers and locked them at the lodge where he is staying, Cholwa Guest House in Room 5 and what they did…my team and I went to report this matter to the police station. So we reported, unfortunately, we only found the people at the reception, and that was around 19:00 hours. We were told they were going to call the command and all the people that were involved with policing this by-election. We were kept at the police station for three hours without the police showing up so we instead said since we reported, the issue had been entered in the OB book for the police, it was fine for us to go home and leave that complaint with the police to deal with it,” Kambwili narrated.

“On our way back from the police station, we were trailed by four vehicles namely, a Toyota Prado, registration number ABH 5829, this is where Kaizer Zulu was and then there were two other vehicles, a Toyota Hilux and then a Land Cruiser Hard Top and a Land Cruiser VX. And surprisingly, all these vehicles had only number plates in front and they did not have registration numbers in the back and they were all flashing police beacons, blue beacons. And you and I know that the only people that are allowed to have a blue beacon in this country is the police, RTSA and the ambulance, by law. How Kaizer Zulu and these criminals found themselves with the blue police beacons is what heaven should know. So as we were going, they followed us. As we were entering my house, Kaizer Zulu fired 7 shots in the air, right at the gate of my house and sped off. When we observed this, we decided to go back to the police and report.”

Kambwili said he decided to return to the police to report Kaizer for discharging his fire arm, when the President’s political advisor followed him in Katanga’s company.

Kambwili alleged that Katanga ordered the arrest of of some NDC officials, ignoring his complaint.

“Upon reaching the police, we were busy giving our complaint, shortly, we noticed Kaizer Zulu and about six Land Cruisers laden with police officers and leading that convoy was the police commissioner herself Mrs Katanga. When she came, she just gave instructions to say ‘can you lock up these NDC people’. So we were shocked! We went to report a matter but Katanga, from no where with Kaizer, came to the police station and started saying that some of our cadres had destroyed one of his vehicles, without paying attention to the complaint that we brought, they picked one of our cadres by the name of Andrew (Lipindula), who was beaten very badly in the presence of Katanga, in the presence of the police. And one of the people that were beating this gentleman was Honorable Mulenga from Ndola Central. And I am extremely disappointed that a member of parliament can behave in that manner. And I told him, right there that ‘what you are doing Mulenga does not conform with the requirement of a member of parliament and your behavior is below a member of parliament,” he alleged.

“Now, what I am surprised with is that it appears Kaizer Zulu is above the law, it appears that Kaiser Zulu is the law himself and I think by and large, this kind of nonsense must be brought to a stop…I am appealing to the commissioner of police, if she is worth her salt, to immediately arrest Kaizer Zulu for discharging seven gun shots at my residence and of course for the ballot papers that he has in his custody when the elections have not taken place. Kaizer Zulu should not turn this country into an extension of his own bedroom. Kaizer Zulu is drunk with unknown powers, swimming in wrong waters but I want to warn him, that soon, he will regret his actions.”

Kambwili charged that Katanga was a mere “street kabova”.

“And by the way, one of the PF cadres Thabo Kawana jumped on one of our vehicles and smashed the windows, we went and reported him, they did not arrest him but they go and arrest and NDC cadre who they have locked and charged with malicious damage, what kind of a police is this? We appeal the powers that be that please, retire Katanga in national interest, she is not fit to be commissioner of police anywhere in the world, not even. in Jupiter because her behavior is that of a cadre, that of a street kabova. Even when she talks, you can hear, you can’t have a conversation with this woman. All she knows is being aggressive and giving unruly instructions,” Kambwili charged.

“I appeal to President Edgar Lungu to [drop] Kaizer Zulu because only an animal can behave the way Kaizer Zulu behaves. Why should the whole police be scared of Kaizer Zulu? Why should the whole police be scared of Kaizer Zulu?…We have been told that you are meeting with presiding officers, where you want them to carry some ballot papers in their pockets, premarked and then they should find a way of stuffing them in the ballot boxes, I am directing all our monitors and monitors from other political parties to make sure that you search the presiding officers. Be vigilant and alert!”

Kambwili also alleged that Kaizer had been to the mortuary to get details of dead people so that he could duplicate their details to rig elections.

“We are also aware that Kazier also went to the mortuary, what kind of desperation is that? They went to the mortary to pick details and NRC numbers of all those people who died between 2016 to date so that they can go and duplicate and the NRC be given to people to vote on behalf of the dead, kwena muli ifi puba! Tamwa kwata amano, tamwa kwata uluse, tamwa kwata na morality. Iwe Kaizer ukwafwa nga loco ya mushili mwaice iwe. You’ll die in a very disgraced manner with your president Lungu…it’s the same as stealing from ghosts, mwe filwani imwe,” Kambwili said.

Meanwhile, Kambwili said if police block NDC campaign programs today, he will file an injunction to stop the Roan by-election.

“The police insisted that it was non negotiable, the last two days would be for the President, we agreed, we said let him take the last few days. As NDC, we were given Sunday today, and Monday, Sunday to have the last rally in Roan and the final rally in Mpatamatu, what have they done, they bring the Vice-President here just to come and attend church services and say ‘you cannot hold your meetings because the Vice-President is in the district”. This is a lot of nonsense and desperation! We want the police to give us back our two days and if they don’t do that, tomorrow, we are filing for an injunction to stop this election because it simply means we’ve been kicked out of campaigns for four days. Giving only way to the PF to campaign in the last four days,” said Kambwili.

But when called for a reaction, Zulu told News Diggers; “He is a mad man. How can I be in two places at the same time? First, he himself is the one who launched an assault, I’ll forward you two voice notes which he sent to me before he launched an assault on the lodge where I am.”

Asked if Kambwili followed him to attack him where he is lodging, Zulu said,” Yes, in fact, he himself came in person and damaged one of my vehicles. I was at the lodge myself.”

Asked if he trailed Kambwili with cars bearing police beacons, Zulu insisted that Kambwili is mad.

“He is a mad man. He realized what he had done because I met up with him at the police, but not at his house. I never went to his house. How could I even do that?” Zulu asked.

“He is the one who came to the lodge and launched an attack, in fact, he was trying to force the police, earlier, before he even sent me the voice notes, that ‘let’s go and search Kaizer Zulu, he has moved the ballot papers from the civic centre. After about 30 minutes, he sent me the voice notes warning me, I will forward them to you.”

Asked if he had tampered with ballot papers, Kazier replied in the negative.

“Where on earth would I get the ballot papers? Am I ECZ?” asked Zulu.

And in a separate interview, Katanga also said; “He is mad, that’s all I can say.”

Katanga narrated her own account of events of Saturday night.

“I am not competing for political office. So when people who claim to be civic leaders know the truth and they go to church, they should stand up for the truth. I have kept quiet over that man, he shouldn’t think, I am not in politics myself, that’s what I wish to state. Coming to the issue of the shooting there, we have no official report, we have gotten it from you the media.
Then the next thing, yesterday, around 20:00 hours to 21:00 hours, honorable Chishimba Kambwili went to police and reported and alleged that there were some ballot papers at Cholwe lodge and said he wanted police officers to accompany him to go and search, he was advised by police that since the custodians of ballot papers are the ECZ, he was advised to see them and police were ready to accompany him to see the ECZ officials who in this case is the Town Clerk. Then he was quoted as having said that if police were not going to accompany him, there’s going to be confusion. Indeed that came true because whilst I was still in Mpatamatu constituency, a report was received that Mr Kaizer Zulu was attacked at Cholwe lodge. When we reached the place, myself and my officers to verify that report, he explained that two of his drivers were attacked, the tyres were deflated as they got to Cholwe lodge and his group [Kambwili], they came about four vehicles or so, they were not allowing anyone to enter that place. That was happening in the absence of police officers,” Katanga narrated.

“So Mr Kaizer Zulu came out and said ‘let’s follow them’, when they followed them, they went, all the four vehicles went into the residence of honorable Chishimba Kambwili. Then we advised them if they can go and report at the police station. When we left the place, all that time, Mr Kaizer Zulu, we did not find him and the team there, we found them at the police station and another group from NDC was found at the police station. Whilst I was still standing at a distance outside, two cadres identified as Andrew Lipindula was the one who damaged Kaizer’s vehicle so that’s how he was apprehended by the cadres and brought into the police station. So after he was brought, three statements were recorded, one from Mr Kaizer Zulu, the other one from Don Mungule and the other one from one of the PF members who was also injured on the leg. That is what happened.”

She said she would not allow confusion in Roan.

“I will not allow confusion no matter how much fake news will be there, I will not relent in my duties. If Mr Kambwili was a law abiding citizen, he would have taken his issue to ECZ, because they are the custodians but it seems it was a well orchestrated move that there was going to be confusion,” she said.

Asked if Ndola Central PF member of parliament Emmanuel Mulenga indeed beat up an NDC cadre in full view of her officers, Katanga said; “We have no such report. Whether they concoct or do what, it will not matter because anything that is factual will be reported and will be verified.”

“He should not pander to the public appetite for news and at no time should my name be used in that way. If it is proved that anyone has committed an offense, they will face my burning wrath!”

On Kambwili’s call that she should resign or be fired, Katanga said the NDC leader was a criminal.

“He is a criminal. How do you go somewhere to go and hack people? We’ve been trying to maintain law and order in our society, he is quoted saying, there will be confusion, all those are offenses, you incite people, what are the consequences? And they go and break people’s property, why was he so quick to take the law into his own hands? So for exercising my duties I should resign?” asked Katanga