Former UPND vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) says he will go to Southern Province to de-campaign Hakainde Hichilema, boasting that a lot of people who are loyal to him in the area.

Speaking when he recieved people who defected from UPND to rejoin PF in Kasama, Monday, GBM said he would show HH that he is a political heavyweight.

“HH does not know how to take care of people; he only cares about himself and his desire to go to State House. But how will he go to State House when he is getting rid of people who are supposed to help him to get there? He is chasing away people like me not knowing that he is chasing away a lot of people like yourselves. HH is not destined to rule this country and he is not a politician. I told HH that if you think that I have no value, you will realise when you chase me away that Zambians value me a lot. But now he will see, because it is not only here but even in Southern Province where he comes from, I have people who like me. I will go there and mobilise people to ditch UPND and join PF,” GBM said.

He said HH had no vision.

“We have 2 years and 4 months to campaign for PF and President Lungu; let us de-campaign HH because that’s what he wanted. Did he think that I will just sit idle? I feel pity for those people who are still with him, because that man has got no vision and he shall never rule this country. He has now started touching the untouchable heavy weights who are supposed to help him. I helped him with my own money; I have spent a lot of money in the last 4 years I have been in UPND. HH will now know me; he thought that I was a coward because I had respected him, I will now show him who GBM is,” GBM said.

He insisted that he was no interested in any position in PF.

“I am grateful for the warm welcome you have accorded me here in Kasama after HH chased me from his party. I was so sad in my heart but after seeing how you have welcomed me, I have even realised that I had taken you to a party which you didn’t like, it was just that you like me that’s why you had followed. I am asking for forgiveness from you and God for taking that route, I will not do such a thing again. I now know who can rule this country and take care of people properly; even your support has shown me that you expected me to support Edgar Lungu,” GBM said.

“We shall also use the formula that our friends use, even the youngest in the families will vote in 2021. Let us spread the word that we are here to dismantle PF. To those in PF, we are not here to take away your positions, we are here to work together to support president Lungu. Let us give leadership to someone we know, Edgar Lungu. I will not rest until President Lungu is re-elected in 2021.”

Later, GBM held another meeting at chief Mpepo’s palace in Kanchibiya district where he continued to speak ill of HH.

“After I resigned from my position as defence minister following the wrangles involving chief Chitimukulu, my colleagues decided to expel me from the party. It was during this time that Hichilema approached me and my father Chief Munkonge; he asked my father to talk to me so that I can join him. I had refused initially but because people told me that go and see how they operate, I went and joined them. So I went there and indeed I saw for myself how our colleagues in UPND operate, I also know how President Lungu operates. The reason I was chased from UPND is because they accused me of making parallel structures as HH was misinformed by Illunga and others,” said GBM.

Chief Mpepo thanked GBM for ditching UPND and rejoining PF.