National Democratic Congress (NDC) leader Chishimba Kambwili says his party and the UPND will ensure that the proposed introduction of a coalition government does not see the light of day once its taken to Parliament.

And Kambwili says the proposal by the just ended National Dialogue Forum (NDF) to reduce the election campaigns time is aimed at disadvantaging the opposition political parties who do not have enough resources to go round the country in such a short time.

Speaking in an interview, Kambwili vowed that the opposition alliance would not allow the formation of a coalition government and that NDC and UPND would instruct their members of parliament to walk out of the House once this item comes up for consideration.

“That was a lot of nonsense happening at the national dialogue. That’s why we told people that we should not go to the national dialogue because it had a predetermined outcome. These people have allowed ministers to remain in office until the next elections, meaning therefore, that for them they will have government facilities to go all over the country within 60 days. The President has got a government helicopter and the Vice-President to go everywhere when the opposition don’t get such facilities to campaign within two months. So this is all in the name of rigging elections. And some of us knew that this NDF was predetermined, it’s a lot of nonsense. Everything they have done at that forum is in the favour of PF,” Kambwili said.

“This issue of coalition government is meant to keep PF in power in perpetuity. If PF has got 47 per cent votes in an election and a small party like MMD or even FDD has got four per cent, they can bring that four per cent plus the 47 per cent to make 51 per cent and form government, that is a lot of nonsense. PF know that they cannot reach 50 per cent plus one just by themselves, so they want to bring on board someone that can assist them win. But it should not be a small party to determine who forms government, it should be the people of Zambia. We will never allow a coalition government in this country. The majority of the citizens must elect a government to get in power, a government should not be taken into power by a small political party having very small votes just to add on 50 per cent plus one. So all that they have done is just nonsense.”

And Kambwili insisted that delegates at the NDF were getting allowances from the government coffers for taking part in the forum.

“The Ministry of Justice is refusing that they were not paying allowances but those who came from Parliament where being paid by Parliament. Those who came from government where being paid by their departments in government and those who were not represented in Parliament where paid by ZCID and who funds ZCID? ZCID is funded by the Ministry of Justice. So ultimately, all the people at the forum where paid allowances from government coffers. So everything that they did is all outright nonsense and our only hope now is in the UPND and our MP to walk out and not allow that Constitution to see the light of day,” said Kambwili.