Musenge cimo fye na lunshi (Former NDC secretary general Mwenya Musenge is just the same as a housefly), says NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili.

And Kambwili says many people who are angry about the state of the nation are afraid to speak out because PF can squeeze their businesses and make it hard for them to earn a living.

Addressing Kitwe district NDC officials, Sunday, Kambwili told them not to worry about Musenge because just like a housefly sitting on one’s arm, a gentle movement chases it.

Kambwili’s first action after assuming the NDC presidency last month was to demote Musenge from the position of secretary general to member of the central committee in charge of chiefs and traditional affairs.

But defiant Musenge says he is still secretary general and further discredits Kambwili’s presidency.

“It is not too late (for Musenge), there are a lot of witch doctors, they can mend him so that he gets back to his senses because with what he is doing, he is a Chainama case. Our enemy is PF, not Musenge. Musenge cimo fye na lunshi. Bushe nga akwikala pa minwe kuti waya bula shovel ati umwi paileko? Kuti wai kontota. Kuchita fye ifi aima aya. So that’s the way we regard Musenge, apo pali ba lunshi nshiunfwileko mu le uma, mule senkela fye, twaya (Musenge is just like a housefly. When a fly sits on your arm, do you get a shovel so that you kill it? No, you can end up chopping off your hand. Just a gentle movement chases the fly. So that’s the way we regard Musenge, I can see where you are sitting there are some flies but I haven’t seen you attempting to beat them, you are just making small movements and they are running away),” Kambwili said.

He asked party officials to focus on mobilizing the party instead of worrying about Musenge.

“Some of you are worried about Musenge, you are saying you have heard he is bringing another candidate, where will he take him? Where will he file? Does that mean we are not there in the party? Musenge doesn’t have people, whatever he does is lone things. Have you ever seen a constitution that gives only one person power to make decisions for the party? It’s not like that. We have the National Management Committee, we have all the structures on our side. How can you leave him to do such things alone? It’s impossible. Those are last kicks of a dying horse. If he has any senses, he should just come and apologize for the pain and anguish that he has caused us. But if he doesn’t want to apologize, so be it. Let him continue scratching on the surface, us we will be going deeper. So let us not focus on Musenge’s rantings, let us focus on organizing the party and preparing ourselves to go to the elections,” he said.

Kambwili told party officials to form solid structures saying no party could win elections without that.

“Ward 4 executive and the branches, you should also find a day and tell me when to come. Once I meet these structures then I will know you are serious, that we are serious with what we are doing. I don’t want to find that in the district committee, there are just four people. Committed people must be given positions. Because there are other people with positions who are not here which means they are not committed…Somebody who doesn’t come for three consecutive meetings, [it means] he has forfeited his position…you can never win an election unless you have strong structures. Because when you have your structures, you can count to say these are already sure votes then now start looking for sympathisers and members. So what is important is that there must be fellowship, time and again, especially for you who are getting into elections, you need to meet on a regular basis to consult each other,” Kambwili said.

“Like I said in Luanshya, this election is very important to us, you heard in church, they are donating K45,000, it is the election they are fearing, why didn’t they donate that money a long time ago? They are panicking and their problem is that they think they can buy people but the people of Luanshya showed them, they brought money such that they could have built about six schools but the people just chewed the money and told them that ‘you can hang, you can go to hell’. That’s why you have seen those donations in church, they are trying to fool the people. But we can’t fall prey to that kind of rubbish. We know how to entice people. So I am asking you to work very hard for us to win this election, and we are winning this election.”

Meanwhile, speaking when he featured on Chingola’s Iwave Radio, Kambwili said many people who were angry about the state of the nation were afraid to speak out because PF could squeeze their businesses and make it hard for them to earn a living

“People are not happy with what’s happening in PF, they are just scared of speaking. But what the PF has done is tragic, they have taken all the businesses and they have gone to control them at State House. If they know that Mwenya Chipepo is not with us, then that person will not have business. If they just know that Lungwe is not with us, they will never see business. Look at me for example, I have 20 trucks but they are all parked, they don’t work. Whenever we get some business, like when we go to Chilanga Cement, they give us a job of transporting cement to Chingola, the following day, they go and threaten them then they tell us “we have closed that route, we’ll get back to you”. We we transporting Pepsi, Pepsi called us and said sales had dropped, they’d call us later but on all those routes, other people are still working. So that’s why people are scared to talk, they can’t loosen up and point out what has gone wrong,” said Kambwili.

“But that kind of leadership is for fools because it means you are lying to yourselves that you are popular when you’re not popular. You’re forcing people to support you so that they can put food on their tables, it has never happened before in this country.”