I’ll jail Lungu, parade him for Zambians to view the thief – Kambwili

National Democratic Congress (NDC) president Chishimba Kambwili says once he forms government, he will jail President Edgar Lungu and take him on a country-wide parade so that Zambians can see “the thief”.

And Kamwbili has asked the people of Mansa to question Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya’s wealth whom he said “only had a small lodge where guests could not sleep comfortably due to bedbugs”, four years ago”.

Speaking when went to drum up support for the party’s candidate in the Lungwishi Ward by-elections in Mansa, Tuesday, Kambwili said he couldn’t wait to send President Lungu to jail for theft.

“Abati iyo ba Kambwili balefwaya kubwelela mu PF bakabe ba Vice-President kuli Lungu, mwebamunyinane isabi ngalyachiluka ubwaamba ninshi nalibala naliya tamwakalimone libili iyo (they are saying I want to go to PF so that I can become Lungu’s Vice-President, but my people when a fish crosses the trap then it can never go back again). Ine nalichiluka ubwaamba teti mbwelelemo mukubomba na Lungu pompwe (I have already crossed over and I can never go back to work with a thief like Lungu). Icho ndelolela kwisa mwikata, elo nganamwikata Edgar Lungu nkapanga chi motoka chilya icha ma KG akapite ichalo chonse mukalemutamba ati kabwalala watwibila uyu (the only thing I am waiting for is to send Lungu to jail. When I form government and when I get him arrested, he will be taken round the country so that everyone sees the person who stole their money),” Kambwili said.

He said if any magistrate would acquit President Lungu, he would jail him too.

“Elo baleti nga baiba, babafumya ku court ati acquitted (but what they are doing now is when these thieves are taken to court, they are getting acquitted). Nauyowine magistrate uukacita acquit nkekatila kumo (but me I will even jail the magistrate that will dare to acquit Lungu. Teti mwalule ichalo kwati nipa mansansa palya abaiche balebuta ati ine ndi chimbwi, ine ndi mbwa ifyo mwalule ichalo (you can’t run a country like child’s play, where one acts as a hyena and another acts as a dog). Ubutungulushi kusakama abalanda (leadership is about caring for the poor people).”

Kambwili said Zambian’s only salvation was to vote for him and the NDC.

“Nshilanda landafye, echo bantinina (I don’t just speak anyhow, that’s why they fear me). Kuti bamona aba ba politician bambi balebaleka balekwata ama meeting but imbwili nga yayafye, kwikata. (that’s why you see other politicians are allowed to conduct their meetings freely, but me when I try to hold a rally then they send police to arrest me). Ngawasanga abaiche balelasa amabwe kuchimuti cha mango ninshi mango eko ili. Nga naipwa tamwakamone balelasa amabwe (if you see children throwing stones at a mango tree then you should know there are mangos on that tree. But when the mangos are finished, you will never see them throwing stones). So filya mumona lyonse ‘Kambwili, Kambwili’ ninshi nine baletina, mwishibe mwebena Zambia ati emuli amano umu, emuli ubupusushi bwenu (so when you hear everyone saying ‘Kambwili, Kambwili’, then just know that there is wisdom in me, just know that your salvation is in me),” he said.

Kambwili also urged voters to stop entertaining PF’s system of giving people money and gifts when it was time for elections.

And Kambwili asked the people of Mansa Central Constituency to start questioning the wealth of their leaders like Dr Chilufya, who according to him, had more than a small lodge where guests could not sleep comfortably due to bedbugs just four years ago.

“Mwebamunyinane Chilufya mwalimwishiba, eco ndemwebela ukutila abalenga intungulushi ukutumpa nimwe mwebantu (My people, you all know who Chitalu Chilufya is. That’s why I am telling you that the people who make leaders become stubborn is yourselves). Chilufya elyo talaba minister akwete ka guest house kamo, nga mwalala nefipu kuti fyakusuma [But] abafye minister [for] four years, mumone ifye ashitile (Before Chitalu Chilufya became a minister, he only had one small guest house which had so many bedbugs and you couldn’t even sleep comfortably. But just after four years of being a minister, look how much property he has acquired). Rock View (resort) [in Mansa] alishita (he has bought it), butchery ashita ayalusha (and turned it into) Henry Courtyard bakery, Marine ku (in) Samfya alishita (he bought). Aliya shita nefima bwato fyakwendelamo abantu (he has even bough speedboats for guests at his resort in Samfya),” Kambwili explained.

“Ama yanda akwata six muno mu (He has six houses here in) Mansa apo abelele (since he became) Minister of Health. Sparks Guest House ashita (he has bought). Nomba imwe teti mumupwishe ukutila ‘ngo ulu ulupiya lonse washita ifi wafumya kwi? Pantu ilya taulaba minister ifi fintu tawakwete (but can’t you ask to say where are you getting money to buy all these things because before you became minister you did not have all this’?”

Kambwili alleged that Dr Chilufya had appointed his girlfriend as Permanent Secretary in his to enable him to siphon public funds meant for buying drugs in hospitals.

“Mufipatala imiti tamuleba pantu Chilufya alibula girlfriend wakwe eo abika Permanent Secretary pakuti baleshita imiti bwino nankwe elo baleiba impiya sha miti (there is no medicine in hospitals because Chitalu Chilufya has appointed his girlfriend as Permanent Secretary so that they could be stealing money meant for medicine together). Mufipatala tamuleba imiti, Chilufya aleshitafye amayanda (there are no drugs in hospitals because Chilufya is buying himself houses.) Ku Lusaka alekulafye all over (he’s building all over Lusaka). Afumishe kwisa impiya (But where has he gotten all the money)? Elo ulya umwaiche (that minister is young),” Kambwili charged.

“We Lesa wandi wewaikala mumulu umpe amano na maka filya fine wapele Solomon pakuti nkese kanda bakabolala aba, pantu ine nshifwaya ama nonsense (God in Heaven, please give me the wisdom and strength you gave to King Solomon so that I can come and deal with the thieves in PF, because me I don’t tolerate nonsense). President uulipo nikabolala, Lungu nikabolala (the current President is a thief)! Aba bantu balifilwa ukucita ifyo twale panga naba Sata pantu bena ico babika pantanshi bung’o (these people have failed to do what we were planning with [late President Michael] Sata for this country because their main aim is to steal).”

But efforts to get a comment from Dr Chilufya proved futile as he did not pick calls by press time.

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Hang'omba Miyoba
Hang'omba Miyoba

So what Kambwili knows in Politics are Personalities?Which foolish Zambian will ever vote for Kambwili with his vulgar language?He is the biggest thief,what is he doing in Court?It will be the biggest ever joke in the Zambian politics to vote for Kambwili as president.He won Luanshya sit because of upnd, without upnd,PF would have won.


I don’t think you will ever rule this country,
You talk too much about people instead of telling us what you will do for the zambians
Do you think when you get someone in jail the economy will pick .


Ba chishimba ubupuba he thinks Zambian are stupid to give him the presidency shame on him Lungu is just gud person let not fools like kambwili to be insulting the president.if he has evidence let him take it to the investigating wigs we are tired of his foolishnesd


how can such joker ever be taken seriously. This is degradation of zambian politics


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