Fans were on Saturday left confused and concerned after Senior Chief Mwata Kazembe collapsed in the main arena during this year’s Mutomboko ceremony.

The ordeal began when the guest of honor, Minister of Energy Mathews Nkhuwa, was giving his speech. Senior chief Mwata Kazembe collapsed midway through Nkhuwa’s remarks, sending panic among his handlers who quickly whisked him away into his vehicle and drove off.

About 20 minutes later, a convoy came back into the arena and an announcement was made that the paramount chief had returned and the programme would continue as planned, much to the relief of revelers.

The traditional leader was then ushered onto the stage and performed his ceremonial dance.

As Senior chief Mwata Kazembe was dancing, the program coordinator kept bragging that “whoever was involved in the ‘unfortunate incident’ had failed”.

“Whoever involved in the unfortunate development has failed. All of you suspected of being behind the collapsing of the chief are kids,” the programs director bragged.

But Senior chief Mwata Kazembe did not stay long in the arena, shortly after the dance, he was moved moved out of the arena, leaving people in shock.

The ceremony came to an abrupt end shortly after this on a very tense note.