Police in Lusaka have recorded a statement from Radio Phoenix journalist Logic Lukwanda on a news story he reported on the missing 80 black lechwe in Bangweulu Swamps.

Lukwanda, who was summoned for questioning, Monday, appeared at Police Headquarters around 8:30, Tuesday morning, in the company of lawyer Gilbert Phiri, station managing director Muzaza Musulwe and News Editor Patricia Mbewe.

Phoenix FM managing director Muzaza Musulwe told journalists that the call-out was about the missing 80 black lechwe in Bangweulu.

“The call-out was regarding the missing 80 black lechwe in Bangweulu. They just called him to come and give what he knew about it because he is the one who authored the story. So, that’s basically is what the call-out was about. They have since released him and he is going home. It can be very intimidating because, really, to find yourself here and being questioned like that is not very good, but I think it is part of our profession. People shall always come on the way so I think it’s not good for us,” Musulwe said.

And Zambia Institute of Independence Media Alliance president Jajah Coulibaly said journalists should not be intimidated by the current happenings.

“We are aware that the story that our comrade authored was an investigative story. We are calling our journalists all around the country not to be intimated and we encourage Logic Lukwanda and other journalists to invest more time in investigative journalism. Investigative journalism is not a crime and should be encouraged because it offers checks and balances to the governance structures,” said Coulibaly.