Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has bragged that he has the money and capacity to donate anything he wants, insisting that people asking about the source of his money should go to hell.

And Lusambo says as member of parliament for Kabushi constituency in Ndola, he was allowed to donate a generator to a hospital there unlike UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema who did not have a constituency to donate to.

On Sunday, Lusambo handed over three of the four donated generators valued at K1 million to three clinics in his constituency, and pledged to provide 210 litres of diesel for the gen-sets on a monthly basis.

Commenting on the huge donation, netizens on social media called on the lawmaker to account for the money he used to donate the gen-sets.

But in an interview, Monday, Lusambo said he was not obliged to state where he sourced his money from.

“It is my money! Anyone who wants to know about my money, let them go to hell! Do they know me? Do they know my private life? Or they just know that I am a politician? I am not obliged to start talking to people about the business I deal in. I am a (Provincial) Minister and a member of parliament; what else do they want? They will continue criticizing because that is not the only thing I have donated. I will continue donating, a big one is coming! The shocker is coming. They are even criticizing the money they don’t have. I will only be derailed if the people of Kabushi say ‘no, we don’t need this thing.’ I have a duty to uplift the living standards of the people in Kabushi,” Lusambo said.

But when asked why Hichilema was barred from donating a generator in Chawama constituency when he was equally doing the same, Lusambo said HH did not have a constituency to donate to.

“Does he have a constituency? Let him go and find a constituency in Southern Province! When he has a constituency, he will be at liberty to donate whatever things which he wants. I am donating in Kabushi because that is my constituency. And they elected me to administer the affairs of Kabushi constituency. Now, which authority was he using in Chawama? As who? Because HH is just like a street kid. Can you compare me a lawmaker, a government minister, to a private citizen like HH? Even when companies which are in my constituency want to donate they will come through me or through the constituency executive as part of corporate social responsibility, but he wanted to go Chawama as what?” asked Lusambo.