The Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance says news stories about the misbehaviour of President Edgar Lungu’s Political Advisor Kaizer Zulu cannot be validated to warrant their comment.

Meanwhile, National Democratic Congress (NDC) national youth chairperson Charles Kabwita says Zulu has embarrassed the Office of the President and has questioned President Lungu’s silence on the matter.

Zulu has since 2015 caused a number of public scenes that include him threatening to shoot Enoch Kavindele Jr during a drinking spree at Chrismar Hotel and assaulting a female police officer at Heroes Stadium as the Under 20 AfCON final game which President Lungu watched was being played.

Both incidents were reported to the police but the cases were not pursued further.

Recently, Zulu allegedly threatened to shoot and harassed patrons at Chita Lodge in Kafue whom he accused of taking photographs of him.

The matter is currently in court.

A few weeks later at the same lodge, Zulu allegedly caused more trouble.

The most recent incident involved him causing an accident and later falling into a ditch after carelessly overtaking a bus that was ferrying children to school.

He then beat up the bus driver and threatened to shoot anyone who pleaded with him to stop inflicting pain on the man.

He has to date not been summoned or charged by the police, despite them issuing a statement to the effect that Zulu was the one who caused the accident due to careless driving.

When phoned, Wednesday, Ministry of Religious Affairs and National Guidance permanent secretary Reverend Howard Sikwela said they were unaware of all of Zulu’s misbehaviour documented above, although several complaints against him have led to his summoning by the police on rare occasions.

He said no one had written to the ministry about Zulu’s behaviour.

“I don’t have those facts apart from reading from newspapers so in such a situation, it is actually difficult to tell whether the story is true or not. So we needed either the police or if someone attends the court process where you hear facts coming out as first hand information, then one will be able to make a comment so there is nothing I can say. Even what [Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata] Katongo was saying, it was like reading an article in the newspaper. You know government procedures, you don’t do it that way. If there was something written to us as a ministry, then we would be in a position to comment. As the ministry, there is nothing that we have received. Let’s see whether as I get back to the office, I will be able to engage the directors in case they received something to that effect,” said Rev Sikwela.

In a separate interview, Kabwita said Zulu should be fired.

“I want to register my disappointment over the conduct of Kaizer Zulu. His behavior does not befit an officer at State House. His behavior does not befit a political advisor for the Head of State. He has been involved in so many scandals. We really don’t know if he has captured the Presidency because the President has failed to act in accordance…he has ridiculed the Presidency and the office of the President. Kaizer Zulu has embarrassed the government of the day. His behavior is childish,” said Kabwita

“He attempted to kill Enock Kavindele Jr at Chrismar Hotel. After this incident, the police did not do anything. In April this year, he fired several gunshots at Chishimba Kambwili’s house during the Roan by-election. The docket was opened but the police in Luanshya have not acted. About three months ago, Kaizer Zulu kidnapped and assaulted young men at Chita lodge in Kafue…I don’t hate Kaizer Zulu but I hate his behaviour [which is] is pathetic! Our demand as youth in the NDC is that Kaizer Zulu should be dismissed with immediate effect and investigative wings should take action against him. If Kaizer Zulu’s actions are left hanging, I am telling you, Kaizer will put this country on fire.”