Police spokesperson Esther Katongo says once the command completes what it is doing on Special Assistant to the President for Politics Kaizer Zulu’s case, journalists will be informed.

According to police, Zulu caused a road traffic accident on First Street in Lusaka’s Ibex Hill area where he overtook a school bus containing several school-going children on November 19.

But Zulu denied causing the accident, saying he was waiting for the police to complete their investigations into the incident.

Despite being summoned to appear at Woodlands Police Station in relation to careless driving and assault allegations, President Edgar Lungu’s aide did not honor the call out.

And in a follow-up interview, Monday, Katongo said the police would notify members of the public once they were done working on the case.

“Once we are done with whatever we are doing, we are going to inform you. When we are quiet, it means we are not yet done with what we are doing. If we had done something, we would have told you [but] we have not concluded with what we want to do. I don’t want to preempt so you will be communicated to once we are done,” said Katongo

And speaking in a separate interview, Lusaka province police commissioner Nelson Phiri said Zulu’s lawyers had given an excuse on the day he was summoned.

“I don’t know let me follow up with what has happened with my officers. What happened last time was that lawyers gave an excuse on behalf of Mr Kaizer Zulu,” Phiri said

Asked if the police would pick up Zulu from his house if he failed to show up at the police station next time, Phiri said; “Let me follow up and see what is happening with the matter.”