Eskom says the power export deal with Zesco was signed two weeks ago but the commencement of supply will be dependent on whether or not South Africa’s utility has excess production.

At a media briefing held jointly with South African President Cyril Rhamaposa, who cut short his state visit to Egypt to attend to the power crisis, Eskom’s chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer told the media that the contract signed with Zesco was “non-firm”.

“The question, do we export any power, we have contracts with ZEZA that we have signed and we have also signed with Zesco, ZEZA of Zimbabwe and Zesco of Zambia. And yes we do export specifically to Zimbabwe at this time, I don’t know if we have started with Zesco but I have signed contract about two weeks ago, but I need to make it very clear, it is non firm power, it is important to understand. If Eskom needs the power, we don’t provide the power, we don’t export the power, that is important to understand. So the contracts have been signed as non firm,” said Oberholzer.

Eskom implemented Stage 2 load-shedding on Wednesday, down from Stage 6 on Monday.

Meanwhile, Zesco managing director Victor Mundende has called for a media briefing, tomorrow, to update the nation on the current power supply status.