PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says the ruling party deserves to win the 2021 general elections by one million votes because it has worked very hard during its term of office.

Speaking when he addressed party officials in Chembe District, Mwila said the PF had so far performed very well in the nine years that it has been in office, better than what UNIP did in its 27 years.

“The Party has made a decision, we sat with the Central Committee that all the MPs should go and meet their people, and we have remained with one year nine months, those who have not gone to meet the people we need to change them. We want to win 2021 general elections convincingly. We don’t want the difference of 100, 000 or 200, 000, it must be one million and above that is the message. This is serious business have you heard Constituency chairman, councillors are answerable to you, including the member of parliament because he is interviewed by you. He applies to your office [to stand]. All members of parliament will apply to the constituency,” Mwila said.

“In 2021 we will select those that will help us to win elections. We have to bounce back to government. For us to win again we need to pick popular people. Us as the PF we have worked even passing UNIP that served for 27 years, the problem is that we don’t talk. We have done a lot from 2011 up to date this nine years. As long as the president is there then we are done.”

He urged party officials in the constituency to ensure that they enable party members obtain national registration cards to boost their chances of winning the 2021 general election.

“Luapula is a reliable province, so as PF, we depend on Luapula very much. So leaders you have to stand up that is why you are in those positions. You must ensure children register and get National Registration Cards this is what we are talking about. This is the time when people are not a lot. At least every day you manage to get 50 and 100, in 10 days you reach 1,000. Total registered voters here we had 12, 000 let us reach 27, 000 or 30 000 better. President Lungu who will be our candidate in 2021 we need here in Cheembe at least not less than 30, 000 votes. In Mansa not less than 100, 000 votes,” he urged.

“We need to register and people need to reach one million even in Luapula here. President Edgar Lungu will be our candidate in 2021! We need support from the grassroots. The branches and the wards those are the soldiers that go to war. Those are the soldiers we send them to carry out door to door campaigns that is why party mobilisation is a continuous process, it doesn’t need to stop. Making branches is what is going to make us win the elections.”

Mwila said people in the area needed to support President Lungu because he had created employment.

“I am appealing to the chiefs here; let them give land to Mansa Sugar so that they will be able to expand their plantation and in turn they will create jobs for our people and our local people will benefit. In Kawambwa, we the PF we took ZAFFICO tree plantation, people have managed to get jobs, in Kawambwa we have revamped Kawambwa tea jobs are there. These new districts that we have created we have created jobs, Chipili is a new district, Cheembe it’s a new district, mwansabombwe it’s a new district. People need to be getting jobs that is why we are there. So for everything to come we need to support the PF government under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu,” said Mwila.