C/belt police nab jerabo leader for brandishing guns

Police on the Copperbelt have arrested a well known Jerabo leader for brandishing guns in his garage.

Maxwell Mofya, commonly known as “Tablet”, is a leader of small scale miners in Chingola and a member of the PF security wing.

On December 28, 2019, Tablet was seen in a video which went viral on social media playing with an armed riffle and a short gun.

In another video, he was seen speaking against a government official.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner Charity Katanga confirmed his arrest.

Katanga said Tablet, 31, of 22-6th Street Nchanga South had been charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

Katanga said police would not allow gangsterism on the Copperbelt.

She said that in the video, Tablet was seen in a garage getting his short gun from a suitcase which was in his vehicle.

Katanga said the suspect then loaded some pallets in the said rifle and fired some shots on the ground.

She said Tablet then took his star pistol, which he had 20 bullets, and concealed it in his waistband.

“Police has instituted investigations and the suspect is in custody and the Armsan shot gun with 10 pallets and a star pistol with 21 bullets have been recovered,” said Katanga.

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So this guy is part of members of the PF security! Who gave him that military weapon? Are ordinary citizens allowed to carry military weapons? There must be an army being groomed to instill fear in the citizenry and eventually be commanded to start a civil war when things don’t go well for them!! This is a wake up call to the opposition not to take this matter lightly as it has grave consequences for the security of our country. The church especially our upright Catholic Church must help the country to avoid a civil war. These guys mean serious… Read more »


He behaved as if he owned the government. And in that video, he hundled the fire arms like some armature who has seen a gun for the first time. Teach him some manners, ndiye vi paya bantu ivo


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