The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has arrested Intelligent Mobility Solutions Limited board chairman Walid El Nahas’ lawyer and a radiation therapy technologist for allegedly forging a letter recommending that the latter needs specialized treatment abroad.

In a statement today, DEC spokesperson Theresa Katongo said Kennedy Mambwe of an unknown law firm was on police bond and would appear in court soon.

“The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested a Lusaka lawyer and a Radiation Therapy Technologist for forgery and uttering a forged document. Kennedy Mambwe, 39, a lawyer from a known law firm, has been arrested and jointly charged with Joseph Kabwe Mofu a Radiation Therapy Technologist at a known hospital for forgery and uttering a forged document to DEC officers. Kennedy Mambwe is the lawyer representing Mr Walid El Nahas of Intelligent Mobility Solution recently arrested by the Commission for corrupt practices with public officers,” stated Katongo.

“Particulars of the offence are that Kennedy Mambwe jointly and whilst acting together with Joseph Kabwe Mofu and other persons unknown, on dates unknown but between 19th and 21st December, 2019 forged and uttered a recommendation letter purporting that it was written by a doctor at a named hospital for Mr Walid El Nahas to seek specialized treatment abroad when in fact not. The suspects are on Police bond and are expected to appear in court soon.”