President Edgar Lungu says democracy has many variations and Africa will not allow manipulation from outside forces.

Speaking when outgoing Sudanese Ambassador to Zambia Awad Ali paid a courtesy call on him at State House, Monday, President Lungu said it was unacceptable that some western countries wanted to determine and dictate how African countries should govern themselves.

“I think that Africa has woken up to the reality that he can only advance if it looks to itself internally for realizing the potential that lies within the African continent. The most important thing is that we have woken up as Africans and let’s not allow manipulation by the east, west, or any other outside forces, but we only do so if we get the best practices from one another,” President Lungu said.

He said he keenly followed the events in Sudan which led to the peaceful change of government, asking other countries to emulate this.

“We were following keenly the events in Sudan, leading to the change of the governance system. It went on peacefully and that’s how it should be. And I think your country is one such model which African countries elsewhere can learn from and I’m glad that during your stay here, we did share a few on those lines and the Minister of Foreign Affairs previously did indicate to you that we would like to scale up our relationship by having permanent representation in Khartoum,” President Lungu said.

“The system of governance shouldn’t be dominated by outsiders …democracy has got many variations and each one country in the west who boast of democracy have got their own versions. Some have had their leaders lead from 1952 and they are still around and they are Presidents, they are queens,they are called whatever titles. But for Africa, we have had this era which is slowly phasing where some of our friends especially from the west dictate to us how we are going to govern our people, what structures of governance, what institutions we are going to take, and I think this is unacceptable.”

President Lungu hoped that Ambassador Ali’s successor would work hard and build on blocks he had left in enhancing the Zambia/Sudan relations.

“And I’m sure that your successor, will work hard to ensure that he builds upon the blocks that you have left and I must hasten to point out that Zambia continues to cooperate with all members of the African Union, all members of the SADC regional groupings and COMESA. Allow me to simply thank you sincerely for your contribution to enhancing the Zambia/Sudan during your tour of duty. And I am sure that your successor will find a fertile ground which he can also came and make his contribution to enhancing our level to higher levels,” said President Lungu.