Rainbow Party general secretary Wynter Kabimba says the National Democratic Forum (NDF) had rejected the proposal to create the Office of Deputy Attorney General but government found a way to sneak it into Bill 10.

And Kabimba says he is eagerly waiting for South Africa-based Nigerian prophet Andrew Ejimandu popularly known as Seer 1’s service on Sunday so that he can write down the names of those who got some supernatural powers.

Speaking when he featured on the People’s Debate on Pan African radio, Wednesday, Kabimba said some clauses in Bill 10 were progressive.

“What I find difficult to understand is for a group of people to declare themselves that their view is the only view and the absolute truth. This discourse we continue with it and continue persuading one another without any form of intimidation or threats so that people can express their views. We in the Rainbow Party have certain articles in Bill 10 that we don’t agree with even as we participated in the process. One of them is the creation of the office of Deputy Attorney General. It came before NDF, and it was thrown out [but] the government has sneaked it in. Does that make the whole Bill 10 a monster? No, we can debate. The other one I think is the term of office of the Auditor General,” Kabimba said.

“I remember a colleague of mine calling me and telling me that ‘you are embarrassing me by participating in a process where you want to bar one presidential candidate in 2021 using that process’ and I said there is nothing like that. There are also rumors which don’t exist that Bill 10 is about extending Edgar Lungu’s term of office from five to seven years. There is nothing like that. And I want to appeal to my fellow politicians that let us be factual. What does it cost us to present the facts as they are? Nothing. This Bill has some solutions to the problems of the country. It may not have all the solutions but it has some.”

And Kabimba said he was eagerly waiting for Seer 1’s service on Sunday.

“We are hoping that as our democracy grows, this will come to end. Can’t we learn from other countries? Can’t the Zambian politicians learn something from other countries on how people debate calmly even when they don’t agree with each other? When people travel, what do they learn from other countries? The problem is that they spend their time going round shopping and collecting ‘reigns’. That’s the problem. So they learn nothing from other countries. I am not saying something new. Go and ask Seer 1. In fact, I am waiting for his service on Sunday when he is going to name the people that have collected reigns. And I will make sure that on Sunday I look for his channel. Nifuna ni kabanvele (I want to know them) and I will sit down with a pen and paper to write their names down. Then you can invite me for another program,” Kabimba said.

“But just the thought that a minister or an MP or whatever can believe that somebody in the name of a prophet whom you don’t even know where they come from, you don’t even know what they have done in their life can give you powers to remain as minister…I have never been a believer of these things.”

Meanwhile, Kabimba said violence could not end because political parties lacked internal discipline.

“Political parties lack internal party discipline. It is having desperate leaders such as those that Seer 1 calls to say ‘bring back my powers.’ [They are] desperate leaders who don’t know how to build an organization. A political party founded on promoting violence and leaders that have no capacity to instill discipline in their cadres. And we are tired of this blame game between PF and UPND as to who is orchestrating this violence. As Rainbow Party, we want to build a democracy where free speech, patience for each other’s ideas and tolerance for each other’s ideas are paramount. What we see between PF and UPND is actually primitivity of political parties. You can win an election devoid of violence,” said Kabimba.